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Monday, 14 May 2012

Guidance for the week | 14 – 20 May 2012!

Guidance for the week | 14 – 20 May 2012!
Every Monday! By Lee-Anne Peters

Let’s look at the week ahead... 

I have selected two Temple of Balance Oracle cards and two Healing Energy Cards (1st edition). 

Let’s look at these closer...

AMETHYST DEVA – Things may be quite slow moving this week. You can’t rush the growing of a crystal, just like you can’t rush things during this time. You may find some comfort working with the crystal - amethyst to help you adjust to the flow so you can fully align with Divine Timing. If impatience sets in for you, ask yourself where you need to work more on trusting the flow.  (Temple of Balance Oracle Cards)

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards

EAGLE | OBSERVE – If things get you down during this upcoming week you are being guided to be inspired by eagle and step back – to see the bigger picture. Soar above dramas and difficulties and don’t allow anyone or anything to pull your energy down this week. Use your sharp observation skills to notice if / when the drama is getting loud so you can back off, before you get pulled in. (Temple of Balance Oracle Cards)

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards

24. SPIRAL OF GRACE – The presence of this card in this weeks forecast is interesting as the Spiral of Grace is all about moving out from our karmic based patterns and into the ever-expanding spiral of grace. This spiral contains all of our desires, wishes and dreams, sometimes it can seem so far out of our reach. The only reason it may feel out of our reach is if we have some OLD issues coming to the surface that require the focus of letting go. Spending some time surrendering and releasing your old hurt and pain may be valuable this week. (Healing Energy Cards)

Healing Energy Cards 1st ed.

14. MALE SUPPORT – This card speaks of support, especially with male figures in your life. Through this support comes protection, nurturing and caring. Your inner child may require some extra support and protection this week, so ask and then allow yourself to receive – this will help ignite your confidence, strength and courage.  (Healing Energy Cards)

Healing Energy Cards 1st ed.

This week we see the need for patience and being cautious not to get too far ahead of our selves, but to honour and enjoy the process within the journey – before you know it you will be marvelling at what you desire. Being observant will help you not get too caught in the impatience or the drama this week. If old issues arise for you, take some time to let them go so you can continue to expand your energy. No matter what know that you are safe, supported and protected and that you have the strength to see this through! 

Have a wonderful week – I trust your trust in the Divine Flow works well for you and you easily release your hold on anything that isn’t working for you.

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is the creator & illustrator of Temple of Balance Oracle Cards and Healing Energy Cards – both accurate, highly energetic and sought after card decks for our current times. 

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