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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 5th May

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 5th May – Sydney time (GMT+10)

Today’s Special – Who is your Spirit Guide Reading!

This SALE has now ended - Thank you! Check back next Saturday for our weekly surprise sale. Lee-Anne

Spirit Guide Drawing by Lee-Anne
Lee-Anne has been connecting with and drawing Spiritual Teachers for herself and others for over twelve years! 

Today she brings you this rare offer to connect directly with your Spirit Guide through a 15minute Reading. Lee-Anne will share and describe 2 – 4 of your spiritual teachers that are around you. 

You may send in ONE (1) question (this is not totally necessary, but an option if you are interested).

Everyone has at least several spiritual teachers. Those who work with theirs often have dozens. Lee-Anne is highly intuitive and a gifted psychic and will offer as much information as possible to fill up your 15mins. Lee-Anne will also offer some tips to help you strengthen your connection with your spiritual teachers.

How exciting! Have you wanted to know MORE about who was guiding you from spirit? Now may be a great time for you to learn more!

This Sale for today contains:
* A 15 minute detailed reading of your spiritual helpers.
* This reading will be recorded in audio and will be sent to you as an MP3 for frequent listening
* 2 – 4 spiritual teachers described in detail. Many will include name, description of what they look like and why they are with you.
* Your Reading will be completed and the downloadable file emailed to you within 5 – 7 days.
* Investment is only AUD$30
* Ends strictly at midnight Sydney time – Saturday 5th may (GMT+10)

Are you ready to connect deeper with your spiritual teachers?

Payment can be made now through our webpage HERE – Payment will not be accepted any other way. Payments are only accepted through paypal – immediate payment is required. 

Please forward your question after payment (reminder: you don’t HAVE to provide one) to
Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne’s healing art is highly sought after across the globe. Much of her artwork sells immediately and is known for its high energy, top quality and great price. Learn more about Lee-Anne’s Spirit Guide Drawings on her website HERE

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