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Friday, 4 May 2012

Another launch in an unconventional way!

Another launch in an unconventional way!
By Lee-Anne Peters

I am over the mOOn today!! Why? Because I am launching my fourth publication that I have self-published in one year! I know, I have to pinch myself often. I am like a book writing magnet right now and have three manuscripts underway too as we speak.

Our 1st flyer for the Cyber book launch
In May 2011!!
In May 2011, I launched my first ever book Temple of Balance the book and at the time I had no distributor and most of my beautiful customers and friends are online so I went unconventional and launched this book on my facebook page of the same name!! What fun we had that day! I did readings, gave away prizes and special giveaways for people who had ordered my beloved baby (book!!) 

Then later in August 2011 I launched my second book Aligning with the Speed of Light in the same manner and this launch was an even bigger success. I had other businesses donating products and services to offer as well! Again in November 2011 I launched my long awaited Temple of Balance Oracle Cards and this launch rocked majorly! I had record sales and incredible activity on my facebook page! We had so much fun! 

Now I have my customers hanging out for these launches on facebook – and why not? They simply are awesome!!

Today is another special Cyber launch day! Very soon the fun, games and activities will kick start a 10 hour long extravaganza!! 

I would LOVE for you to pop in and say hi, and if your timing is perfect you may also be receiving something special!! So... here is the loose and flexible guide to our day!! I say loose because I am a flowing and highly intuitive Goddess and no schedule is going to halt this flow, so this is subject to change any moment ;-)

My latest masterpiece - From Lack to Abundance!!
Book launch on facebook TODAY! 4th May
Firstly, for everyone who has already ordered (maybe you have received it or maybe you haven’t) a copy of my third book From Lack to Abundance will be in for more opportunities and treats! It is a book launch after all so I will be being extra rewarding to those who support this particular book!

Friday 4th May 2012 - Sydney Time (GMT+10)
Launch on facebook will be HERE and starts at about 10am
Prior to launch day: starting Wed 2nd May will be a very special giveaway worth over AUD$170 for someone who has ordered a copy of From Lack to Abundance (order HERE if you haven’t already). More details on our previous Blog HERE

Prior - will see some rolling out of ‘change your profile picture’ giveaway open to anyone (whether you have ordered the book or not). The winner will be drawn at the end of the day IF their profile pic remains the assigned pic (see facebook page for more details around this time)

10am Interactive Reading  – all can join in on our facebook page HERE

11am Psychic Tee will be interviewing me about my book and my cover appearance on Spirit Magazine, I will be announcing special games and giveaways during the show and maybe doing a few special things there too. This is a 2hr show and will take place over Internet Radio HERE

1.30pm Interactive Reading – all can join in on our facebook page HERE

2.30pm Secret Giveaway for people who have or do order a copy of From Lack to Abundance – takes place on our facebook page HERE

3.30pm Eye Spy Game - on our facebook page HERE

4.30pm BONUS gift for someone who has ordered a copy of From Lack to Abundance – takes place on our facebook page HERE

5.30pm Pass the Parcel Game  - on our facebook page HERE

7pm Interactive Reading  – all can join in on our facebook page HERE

8pm end of special big giveaway and the change your profile pic giveaway. END of the Special Edition Package Special on our website! 

8.15pm USTREAM – LIVE web video stream to announce winners, thank everyone and officially end our facebook launch

A massive Thank you to everyone who has ordered, shared or talked about this new book – From Lack to Abundance! To self-publish is a massive expense and one that through your support will pay off.
Learn more about this awesome little book that is FULL of abundance HERE

From Lack to Abundance is available NOW online and will be available in good book & new age shops across Australia approx end of May.
Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne’s third book is already getting rave reviews as the first books have started arriving to their destinations. From Lack to Abundance will help you spark new ideas with confidence! Learn more online at

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