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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The HARD way or the HIGH way?

The HARD way or the HIGH way?
By Lee-Anne Peters

The HARD way or the HIGH way - the choice seems simple on paper however it can be far from simple in real life! Some people seem to be making choices that take them down that HARD path, while others seem to flow through life with relative ease as they take the HIGH path. It can seem like this HIGH path is above the obstacles and so out of reach – or so we think looking at others flying high above us, only to make us struggle even more!

I have done it tough throughout my life! I’ve been bankrupt with 2 young children and have come through the others side! I have done a lot of hard work to reach where I am today - sometimes people ask me why it is so easy for me, but let me tell you – where I am today did not happen overnight! Yes, I may learn things pretty quickly in this lifetime however I am no different to anyone else out there!

It’s when we COMPARE ourselves to others based on what we see on the surface that has us FEELING that we are tumbling around on a path full of obstacles! You know the saying that ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ this is very relevant here and in many ways disconnects us from our lives – because we want to be somewhere else and we assume others have it so much easier than us!

When we disconnect ourselves from where we are and what we are dealing with in our life, then things seem to go ‘wrong’ - all in effort to confirm what we feel – that we have a hard life! The law of attraction will continue to attract to you what you are focused on... so when you focus on what others have and what you don’t, you will get more of what you don’t want to have. When you focus on others living with such little effort and you are suffering with one thing after the next – then you will attract that suffering one after the other!

I am in charge of my happy life!

What can you do to focus on LIVING the HIGH WAY?
* Pay attention to your thoughts and where your thoughts are focused
* Bring thoughts into alignment with what you have now
* Focus on the small things around you in your life to be grateful for >> keep expanding on these good things
* Take steps to get your life back into balance and order – so YOU can be happy in your life now!
* Do your best to drop comparisons and start really living as fully as possible – as YOU in your life!

Don’t think that living on the HIGH WAY doesn’t have any obstacles – for it sure can! However it is how YOU see these obstacles that is important - are they a major setback in your view? Or do these obstacles present opportunities for you to learn more and grow further?

Be real about how you feel and do what you need to do to get back on track. Take one step at a time as you welcome subtle changes in your life and be willing to let go of old belief systems and thoughts focused around the HARD WAY! Believe in your self and your ability to fully walk on the HIGH WAY!!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne shares further about this subject in her third book – From Lack to Abundance! Pre-orders open now! Available in May online at or in all good books shops around Australia and New Zealand!

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  1. Thank you Lee-Anne - just what I needed today!
    Camilla x

  2. I am so glad... Thanks for reading and leaving your comment Camilla :) Lee-Anne

  3. Thankyou Lee-Anne totally resonates ~ Blessings to you <3 :-) Donna Miller