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Friday, 6 January 2012

Temple of Balance Membership - Month TWO

Month TWO of Temple of Balance Memberships

Hi everyone!

Here is month two’s update, with more details about what is within each membership. Within these messages are detailed descriptions about meditations, audio recordings, video and writings that are included in specific subscriptions this month.

Please look for direct links to them all as they come forth on this webpage:

This update will always be in alignment with you whenever you begin your Temple of Balance Subscription! 

The general focus around month two of the membership is grounding and anchoring energies into your body so you can start to practically ‘do’ something with them from today.

Let’s look at each membership closely:

1. Healing Temple Membership (AUD$5.99p/m) – Includes; one unique healing meditation:
This meditation will take you on a journey through your body. To help you listen to it, feel it and become ‘present’ with it. With the nurturing drum in the background, this meditation will be a great one for deep relaxation before another meditation, or to listen to regularly to learn how to connect deeper with your body. This meditation is fully guided and lasts for over 23 minutes. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 2nd month membership)

2. Nourishing Temple Membership (AUD$11.11 p/m) – Includes; one unique nourishing meditation AND one nourishing video message:
The meditation aspect of this subscription is very relaxing and nourishing. It is partially guided, as you are taken into nature and strengthen your connections to Spirit and Earth. Through this connection you continue to expand your aura. This is a beautiful meditation that lasts for just over 20mins and has lovely relaxing music in the background. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 2nd month membership)

In this nourishing video I talk about grounding in more detail, especially connecting with your mind thoughts and manifesting your reality. Expansion cannot come about unless you are grounded into your physical world. This encouraging video runs for 12mins. I trust you enjoy it. (This video arrives on day 14 of your 2nd month membership)

3. Motivational Temple Membership (AUD$16.66 p/m) – Includes; one unique motivational audio recording; one motivational video message AND one writing words of motivation.
The motivational audio recording comes to you as an MP3 recording. For this recording I share with you more details about grounding, anchoring and using this to expand your connections to your spirit. I also talk about the laws of the Universe connecting with ideas and into manifestation, and bringing the energy forms down into the physical world. This recording goes for over 22mins and will help you understand the importance of grounding, as well as some tools to help you maintain your grounded energy state. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 2nd month membership)

The motivational video takes grounding to new levels as I share in depth about Sacred Spaces and power Spaces to help you ‘harness’ the grounding and powerful energy of our planet. We also talk a little about cleansing and enhancing your power spaces; spaces that everyone can access no matter where you are in the world. This movie goes for around 15mins. (This video arrives on day 9 of your 2nd month membership)

The motivational writings are words that help you understand how to maintain the space of being grounded throughout your day. We look at beliefs and other things that may be affecting you. This file comes in .pdf format (This writing arrives on day 18 of your 2nd month membership)

4. Multi Dimensional Membership (AUD$25.25 p/m) – Includes; Everything from above (1,2,3)
As you journey through your membership this month, please keep notes in your journal and do everything you can to stay grounded and present in the moment.

Please send any content questions to
All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
Sunday 6th January 2012

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