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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Message for 2012 - Lee-Anne Peters

1st January 2012 - Message for the year!

HEALING ENERGY CARD intuitive guidance

2012 Message:

The support side of this message points us in the direction of a new level or knowing of support. A support that doesn't come from need, insecurities or past circumstances... but a SUPPORT that we know is there ALL the time. A support network that has been establishing throughout 2011 and will now be put more into practice by more people. A Knowing that no matter where we are or what we are going through that there is ALWAYS someone beaming us love and support. When we KNOW this, then we start to beam this too - joining in with the supportive 'party.' There is no need to affirm any LACK of support anymore... if you do, you continue to hold yourself in that lack... If you can have the courage to welcome support all the time and be of support all the time, this helps us ALL!!

I see the BALANCE of the Male / Female or God / Goddess energy this year. As the Male authority figures (which may also be females in power) step down from their throne and BALANCE becomes restored. Before this will happen externally, it must happen internally. So be aware of how BALANCED you are within. And then we, as individuals, set the stage for the governments and those who abuse their power.

This year you will increase your reception of the messages from spirit. THIS year you realise that YOU in fact have a valid and very clear connection with your spiritual teachers. This connection was never severed,it was never lost... the thing that was blocking you mostly was your lack of belief in your own connection. That belief starts to drop this year as you stop seeking answers from others and start believing your own answers as TRUTH!

Your spiritual teachers will bring you important information this year that will help you excel in every area of your life. Meditate so you can listen tot heir messages and guidance, as they remind you of how beautiful and powerful YOU ARE! Pay attention to signs everywhere and ACT ACT ACT on them. When we do that our spiritual teachers get so excited because we act on the guidance / feeling we receive. And its the ACTION that brings manifestation. So listen, believe in your connections and take action when guided. Act through your impulses. Procrastination, doubt, excuses etc will not fit in this year.

This is a great year to RISE in your personal power. Not with agendas, greed or conditions... but your personal power that is so empowering, so uplifting and so freeing, that just be being YOU others become empowered and inspired too... As you give rise to your personal power, and as you reclaim it back, you also acknowledge your feminine self - your inner Goddess who is beautiful and nurturing. Together YOU can live a perfect, happy and abundant life, but you must EMBRACE ALL of YOU!!

TIP | Listen, Reclaim your power, Believe in YOU, reconnect with your spiritual teachers, take action and be cautious of getting into old habits if doubt, agenda, insecurity, fear etc - you will likely feel very separate and alone as the gap becomes wider. Alignment is essential, be real about how you feel and whether you are happy or not, and make changes. Take full responsibility for you and no other! 2012 has the potential to be the best and most incredible year of your life... and also being the worst most devastating year of your life - it is your choice... do you choose the old habitual ways? Or do you choose to really commit to who you are and to your happiness?

"My 2012 will be the best I can make it. I align with my personal power, truth and connections. I make choices based on my experience and wisdom, and not on the demands of others. I am my own God, my own Goddess and I shine in my FULL glory!" ~ Lee-Anne

Infinite LOVE,
Lee-Anne ~ Creator of Healing Energy Cards

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  1. wow release reclaim reconnect with the person within me...thats a biggy! not really knowing that person....what is lost may be found :) i know within i am my own goddess, its a hard one to love trying! this is the year of change and reclaiming myself, i have my teacher and give thanks also...much love xo