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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Temple of Balance Membership - Month THREE

Temple of Balance Subscriptions
Month THREE of Memberships

Hi everyone!

Here is month three’s update, with more details about what is within each membership for this month. Within these messages are detailed descriptions about meditations, audio recordings, video and writings that are included in specific subscriptions this month.

Please look for direct links to them all as they come forth on this webpage:

This update will always be in alignment with you whenever you are within month three of your Temple of Balance Subscription! 

The general focus around month three of the membership is CONNECTION. 

Let’s look at each membership closely:

1. Healing Temple Membership (AUD$5.99p/m) – Includes; one unique healing meditation:
This meditation will take you on a journey into a Sacred room of white, where you are greeted by Archangel Raphael, who helps you let go and surrender feelings of disconnection, separation, loneliness etc from every area of your life. You spend some time with him and then take a special journey after you have released those pressures. This is a very freeing and healing meditation focused around your connections. This meditation is partially guided and has beautiful gentle music in the background, and lasts for over 27 minutes. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 3rd  month membership)

2. Nourishing Temple Membership (AUD$11.11 p/m) – Includes; one unique nourishing meditation AND one nourishing video message:
The meditation aspect of this subscription will take you on a journey of healing and acceptance of your physical body, your emotions, your mind and your spirit. You are encouraged to bring these aspects of you together in all of your activities and actions; a journey of Self Connection with partial meditation guidance and gentle music in the background to nourish you. Your connections are likely to feel enhanced from this meditation! This meditation goes for 32minutes. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 3rd  month membership)

The nourishing video for this month is especially focused around separation, and moving through separation and into connection / wholeness / oneness. It’s through this focus and the increasing of your personal power that you strengthen your connections in every area of your life. Includes an exercise to help you release your separations and increase your personal power. This video length is just shy of 17mins (This video arrives on day 14 of your 3rd  month membership)

3. Motivational Temple Membership (AUD$16.66 p/m) – Includes; one unique motivational audio recording; one motivational video message AND one writing words of motivation.
The motivational audio recording comes to you as an MP3 recording. I share with you for 17 minutes with a specific focus on connections and connecting with spirit. I talk about meditation, your connection cord, and the vastness of connections into every area of your life. We talk about the crown chakra and separations that may come forth for you. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 3rd  month membership)

In the motivational video I talk about and highlight areas in your life where you may feel disconnected and using that information to bring about a feeling of connection. We explore, blocks physically, emotionally, with your creativity, sexuality, personal power, love, communication, trust, intuition, and spirit! This video length is 17 minutes. (This video arrives on day 9 of your 3rd  month membership)

The motivational writings are focused around being ‘plugged in’ and how you can stay as connected as possible through out your everyday life. (This writing arrives on day 21 of your 3rd month membership)

4. Multi Dimensional Membership (AUD$25.25 p/m) – Includes; Everything from above (1,2,3)

As you journey through your membership this month, please keep notes in your journal and do everything you can to clear those mind thoughts that are holding you back from living happily, freely and abundantly!

Please send any content questions to

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
Wednesday 15th February 2012

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