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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Are you Aligned with the Speed of Light?

What does this mean - Aligning with the Speed of Light?

When we are in a space of absolute alignment; living in absolute harmony, with peace of mind and are living from our highest truth and integrity, then we are in Alignment. To be in Alignment means we are centred, grounded and content with this moment. We are living our passions and fulfilling our life’s purpose and the reasons why we have come into this incarnation.

One of the biggest issues people are dealing with on a personal level right now is authenticity. So many people have worn masks and disguises to hide their true identity for so long that many don’t know who they are.  Many of these people are trying to ‘find’ themselves, however they will not find themselves when they aren’t living and breathing as their Absolute Truth Self!
How can you do that? How can you find out what your truth is? This is tricky and a personal journey of discovery for the individual. Here are some important things to consider;
·         * Be aware of what you are thinking, saying & doing. Make sure these things are in alignment with your truth and integrity. If they aren’t, then stop the thoughts, words and actions that aren’t your truth and replace them with a positive alternative.

·         * Listen to your body. Your body is a very sensitive instrument and will help you know, via your ‘inner truth detector’ if something feels right or not. Always trust what you feel is right for you.

·         * Expand from ALL limitations that are holding you back. This can be anything from a physical habit, a job that you don’t like, being in an unhealthy relationship, manipulation from an external source etc. 

·         * Re-discover what you enjoy - what are your passions, your strengths, your talents?
·         Spend some good quality time with you. Get to know who you are. You can’t expect others to get to know you, if you won’t get to know yourself.

When you have discovered things about your life that aren’t in alignment with your truth, you will have to make decisions to let things or people go. This is a fact. Not everyone or everything nurtures our truth and mission in life. We can let them go so both can fulfil their unique purpose.

To be in Alignment with your Truth is essential if you want to get up to speed with the extremely fast rate that things are changing / occurring during this period in time.
It would take me a whole book to share with you my whole view on this, and this is why I have published it as a book – Aligning with the Speed of Light – A Guide to Ascension!

Happy Aligning, 
Lee-Anne Peters – author of: Aligning with the Speed of Light 


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