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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Special Announcement - 16th July 2011

Special Announcements

16 July 2011

Hi everyone,
I trust all is flowing well for you. We certainly hit new intense energy with this full moon, so remember to go gently and focus on staying centred no matter what you are faced with.

I have two things to share about in this announcement.

Firstly, Temple of Balance have listed a new, and our first event for 2012 - A Tasmania Healing Retreat for 5 nights from March 10th – 15th. We are only taking a maximum of 3 people for this 'live in' retreat. If you would like to learn more or take advantage of the early bird special, please visit HERE

Secondly, my upcoming book Aligning with the Speed of Light – A Guide to Ascension! has left the printers and is on its way here. This means that very soon your signed copies will arrive to you if you have pre-ordered. Next week I will announce a Cyber Book Launch for around the first week in August. This book has sped in its whole creation; it is absolutely aligned with the Speed of Light! Would you like to Align with the Speed of Light too?

Pre-Order HERE
Learn more HERE
Join our facebook page HERE
Join us for our Cyber Book Launch HERE

Thank you so much for supporting my work,
Much LOVE and Alignment,


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