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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

18th May 2011 | One Heart ~ One Love!

18th May 2011 | One Heart ~ One Love!

Hi everyone,

Today I am feeling slow moving and its feels like I am integrating energies. Last night I had a beautiful full mOOn meditation and felt quite energized, however today is another story.

I felt I wanted to explore this further so I have drawn some of my cards. Working with Healing Energy Cards and my new (not available to public yet) Temple of Balance Oracle.

We, as Unity Consciousness are going through this moment of great Heart Opening, where we toss aside all old hurt and pain and really and completely reside within our ever expanding hearts. When we consciously choose to switch into our Heart space, and move from our mind and lower thinking, we connect in - not only with our own HEART, but with the ONE Heart of Unity Consciousness. It is time to make the switch and choose LOVE over fear. As we settle into this new way of living (well new for some) we connect in with this awesome magic of creation, where we have the ability to merge and move as the ONE heart and really make changes in our world.
This reminds me of the thousands of fish swimming in a school who move together in amazing unison, we too are learning to do this more as humans. When a large aspect of the ONE heart who is struggling with something in another part of the world requires help from the collective ONE heart, we are all there to support and assist in any way we are able to. We all dance together. We are reminded that we are not alone, we are not going through these struggles by ourselves and that together we can make a difference. However to be together as ONE, as individuals we must choose, yes, consciously choose to live from our heart with everything. Our thoughts, words and actions. We can do this.

Our planet is birthing the new world, yes this is happening now, and many of us have known this for some time. However as the Light Codes and Galactic energy beam down on her, she is going through rapid birthing right now. Rapid to our planet is months – years. Rapid to us is undoing a zip. So time is different for her, but she is birthing, she is changing and she is embracing the new that is emerging from within her.

Her message right now is that No thing can keep her down, she is rising from the ashes and is ascending. We can choose to be a part of this too by consciously living from our heart and from LOVE. Flowing from our heart!

Hold hands together my co-creators, let’s unite and fly together. Let’s open our arms and embrace each other. Let us be FREE!

Go gently, keep anchoring the energies and feeling LOVE.
Much LOVE from our heart shaped island, Tasmania.

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