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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Words of Wisdom - Cellular Shifts by Lee-Anne Peters


 Cellular Shifts
August 2013
By Lee-Anne Peters
Namaste and welcome to August!
I trust this message finds you well. If you require some love, support, healing, strength etc please allow yourself to find it within this message of LOVE to you.
July saw us step into new territory, make new commitments to ourselves and our dreams, and to continue flowing forth with action steps.
We see more of an overflow of this energy as we head straight into August. We continue to be reminded of the DEEP cellular shifts that are occurring within our physical bodies. Our physical bodies continue to adjust to the LIGHT, thus becoming better equipped vehicles for this frequency rise.
The physical body is an interesting vehicle and many of us since late 2012 have been implementing changes to what we ingest, exercise and working with supplements that feel right for us and our bodies. The results of this dedication in shifting what we eat, drink and do with our physical bodies is beginning to really take effect now. Continue to listen to your body, guide it into the most nourishing things every day. If you find yourself slipping away from the nourishment, then gently guide your focus back to what is right for you.
As our body begins to vibrate faster and at higher frequencies than before, it can present tests, especially with our thinking and the intentions we put out into the world. We see reaction vs response tests – how will we react to someone’s negative attack on us? Will we respond with thought, love, compassion and most importantly truth? Or perhaps we will snap, get angry, blame, become victim and dig our feet in the sand. We are being guided to respond to situations from an expanded viewpoint more than ever before. Take your time, step back, pause, feel, sit with it and then respond. You may surprise yourself by how far you have come just through something that seems so simple – yet it is deeply profound.
Support will be there for us throughout August, and this support may not be the way we THINK it should be, or from certain people we THINK should show their support. The support will come from the unexpected, it will come from spirit, confirmations in your life and a deep knowing that everything will be okay. That knowing that you feel can surpass any fear or resistance that you experience too. Sometimes the knowing and thinking can clash with each other, but remember, it is your knowing that taps directly into your truth.

August will offer potential for revelation, where illusion, lies and corruption will be exposed and come to the forefront. Individuals who have been working with greed-intent, especially within the new age movement will be exposed. Not because of anything different that they have been doing, but because more truth based individuals will see through the masquerade. This in turn will inspire more passion and truth based individuals to step up and follow their calling. While others who have been riding the coat tails of the ‘movement’ will start to fall away, crumbling to the ground, unable to hold their game in play any longer.
Self accomplishment will be important for many lightworkers towards the latter part of August, and there will be a strong emotional investment within that feeling of accomplishment. It’s like we begin to really SEE how our hard work is paying off and is being received, which brings that emotional fulfillment. As lightworkers of pure intent support other lightworkers – allowing both to BE their own light in their OWN way – a deeper support network is created. This in turn will allow us to really open further to the flow of LOVE, feeling a deep sense of purpose for the work we are doing, and in turn achieving for the greater good.
The end of the month may see a rise of separation issues, which in turn is reminding us at the very core of our being that we are ONE. It’s through this separation illusion that oneness can be felt and embodies, however, don’t allow that belief to halt your growth. For you do NOT have to experience pain to heal, or to experience separation to be one – we are moving out of this way of learning. Clear those beliefs and KNOW you are ONE. Hold this space in your heart as you LIVE IT, BREATHE IT, EXPRESS IT!
Have peaceful moments within your journey through August!
Lee-Anne Peters
Please feel free to share with respectful credit to source – thank you.

Temple of Balance News & What’s on!
My new novel I started in June called – Atlantis: A Return Home – is unfolding perfectly and next words of wisdom hopefully I will be complete with draft number one.
At this moment I am currently submitting my works to publishers. I have the mind set of not stopping that process until I receive a contract. So far I have had no knockbacks since I decided with my whole heart that this is what is next for my work. I have had favourable feedback, invitations and referrals to get my foot in the door. I trust next month I will have some more information on this for you. If you are in contact with any publisher of this genre who may be open to my work, please kindly forward me their details. Thanks so much.
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More great and inspiring radio programs are scheduled for August, see direct links below.
Melbourne area tour interest. Around March / April 2014 – we intend to bring a tour to Melbourne. We are looking for shops who would like me to do spirit guide drawings in store. Also, book signing, meditation hosting, guest speaking, small (one day) spiritual expos etc around that time. Please forward any leads you may have to – Thank you.
All info for the above and everything else happening at Temple of Balance is regularly updated on our website – if you cant find what you are looking for – please contact us through our website.

Temple of Balance Events coming up:
AUGUST 11 Sun | Launceston, Tas | PRIVATE appointments
AUGUST 24 Sat | MEDITATION CIRCLE | Dodges Ferry, Tasmania –
SYDNEY TOUR - September 21 - 28 Program .pdf
SEPTEMBER 21 Sat | Parramatta, NSW | STALL at ‘Paranormal & Spiritual Expo’ | Spirit Guide Drawings & more
SEPTEMBER 22 Sun | Ashfield, SYDNEY | Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s COURSE | SOLD OUT
SEPTEMBER 23 Mon | Ashfield, SYDNEY | Private Intuitive Healing APPOINTMENTS with Lee-Anne & Cory | Bookings open now…
SEPTEMBER 24 Tues | Glebe, SYDNEY | Open to public GUEST  at Phoenix Rising Books | More details soon…
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SEPTEMBER 27 Fri | Ashfield, SYDNEY | Nourish your Spirit – Psychic Show with Lee-Anne, Melissa & Danuelle | Evening – More details are imminent
SEPTEMBER 28 Sat | Ashfield, SYDNEY | Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s COURSE | Popular demand | Order tickets

Temple of Balance Radio this month: (Sydney time – EDT – GMT+10)
Thurs 8 August at 8pm – Meditation Hour (Dragon) & healing time - LINK
Thurs 15 August at 8pm – Transference of Light Codes (Om Mani Padme Hum) - LINK
Wed 21 August at 11am – Full Moon Celebration - Aquarius - LINK
Thurs 22 August at 8pm – Meditation Hour (Balance) & on-air guidance - LINK
Thurs 29 August at 8pm –On-air guidance - LINK

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Message for you!
Soar above pending changes and worries and be the great observer. Fly, explore and have fun!

Much LOVE always,
Lee-Anne Peters
~ founder of Temple of Balance
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