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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Words of Wisdom - December 2013

Flow Deepens!
December 2013
By Lee-Anne Peters

A big cheery welcome into December!!
I trust this message finds you well, and if not, please find some comfort in this message for you.
I just re-read through the last newsletter and November’s predictions – and woah, how incredibly accurate that was… so let’s take a closer look at December!! Please remember that some things may resonate and some may not – this is ok.
We walked from November into December holding our dream close to our heart, in fact in some cases privately and sacredly at our heart. As we hold those sacred and intimate dreams there they begin to cultivate and grow. So many of us have been doing much nurturing, self-care and tending to our dream.
Now December is here and the joy of abundance is just around the corner. Many of us can sense it is ever so close! Like we will turn around one day and this almighty door will be open, and we will be more than ready to step through.
Our dreams remain a dream while we hold them close to our heart, while we wait for perfect timing, and while we prepare. When they transform into a doorway – there will be no turning back! This is when we will see and know that every moment leading up to now has been worth it – our effort has been worth it – and this is just the beginning of a brand new time for us!
As we allow abundance to overflow from the deepest crevices of our being we will slip into great flow early December. The gift of giving, being grateful, receiving good news etc will help align us with a beautiful space of JOY!
As we hit around the 14th of December we celebrate a sense of personal achievement – where we have reached the top of a treacherous journey to the top of a mountain. Here we have time to catch our breath, to lift our spirits with a little fun and celebrations, and to take the flow deeper for ourselves.
Around the 20th our physical body may need a little ‘repair’ time to replenish its energy levels as we enter a bit of a time of pause, reflection and time to refocus. This feels like it will likely be short lived – passing fairly easily.
Towards the end of December we see sacred bonds and connections with people in our life grow and develop. There is a sense of seeing a different side to someone that may warm our heart. Acceptance seems important this time too and the nurturing and caring for our new ideas. Feeling the support around us will help carry us into the new year. Ensuring we surround ourselves with people and situations who DO resonate with us and who we do enjoy the company of will be important.
Safe and happy journey into 2014!
HINT: Print up your words of wisdom and read it from time to time throughout the coming month.
Lee-Anne Peters
Please feel free to share with respectful credit to source – thank you.

Temple of Balance News & What’s on!
Today we passed 75,000 fans on my main facebook page – - I just love having the space to share some passionately with you. I am so grateful!
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Message for you!
Stand strong during this transformation. Spread your wings and fly.

Much LOVE always,
Lee-Anne Peters
~ founder of Temple of Balance
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