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Friday, 1 April 2011


Words of Wisdom


1st April 2011 (1:4:11)

Hello everyone!

Thank you for connecting with these words and energy to you. As I trust my intuition and my body and express these words to you now, I also completely honour you in this moment. If you are struggling with life right now, please find the comfort you require from this energy for you.

This has been a fast flying week. With time extremely stretched and then turned inside out. Our sleep patterns have changed over this past few weeks, which then in turn affects our eating habits. For me, my day has turned upside down. For someone who usually gets up early and enjoys the morning, I have been sleeping in longer than I ever have, had a rest in the morning, and by lunch time I start my work and continue late into the night. This has occurred for me all week. Sleeping such long hours, I am still waking up tired, it’s like so much is happening during the sleep time that I really am not aware of. Waking up with some dream recall, but most is just under the veil behind my conscious mind. I am hearing this from many others also, and how they are awake at odd hours, or having strange nap times. The important thing to remind you here is to trust and listen to the flow of your body.

Your body is a very finely tuned instrument, and your body knows what you require. Trust it, listen to it and follow it. If you feel like eating a certain type of food, trust this feeling, your body is helping you stay balanced.

As time is being stretched, which is clearly affecting our sleep / wake patterns, it is also amplifying the ‘chaos’ and the ‘illusion’ in the world. The ‘chaos’ is getting louder. This is very interesting, because I am feeling like we are close to beaming our light of truth and love stronger than the chaos. When I do work on a client who has a negative or unwanted energy attachment, this being will hold on for grim life, and ‘dig its heels in’ if its identity and way of life is threatened. The same is the case for humanity and our world right now. we may be seeing more chaos, more confusion and lies. However, from my perspective I see this as the lower energies / forces having a last ‘heel dig’ in fear of losing their position. This ‘heel dig’ can be aweful for many. Lives lost or displaced, it can be very sad. However, we have to remember that those people who have lost their lives have chosen to for the sake of this planets ascension. We also must remember that fear is our worst enemy right now. and those lower energies / forces are wanting us to be in fear, because that feeds them and gives them energy to stay longer.

Transform and replace all fear with love. this is something that must be done from now. we don’t have time to hold onto fear for another 6 months or year because it is too challenging to face, we must find the courage and consciously choose LOVE. I did an internet radio program several weeks ago, called replacing fear with love. If you are struggling in this area, I suggest you listen, it is free and you can find the link HERE

As we all as individuals transmute fear into love, we start to really change the world. No only do we not feed the lower energies, but we also raise our energy vibrations beyond any disease, threat (radiation), attacks etc... anything that vibrates at a lower frequency that you, will NOT affect you, unless you believe it will! Actively replace fear with LOVE, choose to keep your energy vibrations high, beaming LOVE out in all directions and radiating your light, and KNOW beyond any doubt that you will not attract lower vibrations into your higher vibratory field. This is fact! Consciously choose LOVE!

As we let our fears go, and choose LOVE in all of our thoughts, words and actions (this is not something we can do just ‘sometimes’ – this is a way of living), something amazing happens. We raise our energy frequencies, we discover the truth of who we are and what really is occurring behind the scenes and when Mastering this, we step into our role as the ALCHEMIST of our life!

I have been working with Alchemy very strongly this week. I have had several amazing experiences in meditation where I access the vertical axis (calling upon the 7 directions – N,S,E,W, centre earth, centre universe, centre of own heart), where a portal opens and I am lowered into the centre of the Earth. Here I have been working with a group of FOUR Master Alchemists. These alchemists are in spirit, and they told me that the alchemist used to reside on the Earth’s surface many thousands of years ago, however the energy got too dense, so they had to retreat underground, and THIS is where the true magic and power lay. These alchemists have been working tirelessly to keep the earth in balance and to transform the earth and our planet into ascension.

The alchemist is the shapeshifter, the transformer, the transmuter of energy. The combination of all that is ~ The Shaman, The God/dess, The Warrior / Warrioress! The alchemists are working in conjunction with the planet, the elements, the directions, the minerals, crystals and the 2D world (below the surface of the earth) to end the madness occurring on the surface. This does not mean we wait for someone else to save us, or to rescue us from this chaotic time! WE are the Master Creators of our life! We are receiving help, however, we must not sit back on our couchs and let them do all the work. Work in harmony with them, be channels by flowing with your intuition and your body in the moment. In truth the Alchemist is within us. Awaken the Alchemist within you, start helping us transmute these lower vibrations into LOVE...

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