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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Diving Feminine

Words of Wisdom

Divine Feminine

13th April 2011


Welcome to this moment’s words of wisdom. It comes to you on the breeze of love and on the rays of truth. If you have been struggling lately, please find some comfort within these words for you. Allow yourself to receive what you require and adapt any suggestions or tools provided to suit your needs during this time. It’s time now that we step into our roles and the whole reason why we all, as individuals are here right now.

Everything going on right now is part of the plan, it doesn’t matter who did what and why they did this. It is important that we are aware of the bigger picture, but that we step into observer and see the big scene. What we are seeing is rapid change on and within our planet. This is not denied we are witnessing it everywhere. The changes within our planet also reflect into us and our individual lives, as well as the plants and animals. It is no accident that you are here, it is no mere coincidence or ‘curse’ that you are alive right at this very moment. We ALL have a role to play and shoes to fill, and it’s time we step into them. How can you step into them if you don’t know what you are doing or you are struggling with life? This is a very valid question. It is my suggestion that no matter who you are and where you are in life or how conscious you are on this journey of yours, is to ALWAYS allow yourself to feel and reconnect with your body. Tap into your inner power and wisdom, that which is your intuition. Trust the feelings you receive from your body and trust in the flow of life. As you do these things more, and as you consciously CHOOSE to step out of your lower mind and the fear and you choose LOVE and to feel your life will change. The way you experience life will change. You become much less disconnected and much more CONNECTED! As you are flowing with life it is also very important that you ACT on feelings and ideas. These will lead you to right time and right place. Stepping up and taking an active role in YOUR life is essential, especially if you want to help us birth this new world.

Over this past week the Divine Feminine is awakening within us all. We all contain feminine and masculine energies or aspects whether we are physical man or woman. Within this birthing we have different roles we play. I feel a mass consciousness of feminine energy birthing this new world. The Divine Feminine is waking from her slumber. She has been stirring for a few years now, but is now fully waking and preparing to give birth. Many women are feeling pregnant, have been emotional and vulnerable right now, the weather is even reflecting how we have been feeling. As the woman moves through this time, the Divine Masculine is her support. Supporting, loving and caring for the Divine Feminine as she goes through this birthing. The masculine is next to her, holding her hand, and she allows him to support her.

They are both tired from this long and exhausting journey, however they cannot give up now, not just before the gift is revealed or birthed! Go forward gently as you replenish your energy levels and move through this birthing / supporting phase. Hold true to yourself and do your best to maintain your heightened energy levels. Keep allowing yourself to buzz and tingle with energy. Allow yourself to be ignited and set alight! It truly is time.

As this is occurring on a planetary and collective consciousness level, on a personal level we are seeing the birth of new things occurring around us. An uprise in creativity and also a need to slow down and move gently. Not stepping forward with our thinking / worrying / insecure mind thoughts, but stepping forward with the flow of our feelings and body.

Many are feeling the supportive energy too. a few nights ago I was feeling like the supporter and the supported, and the feeling was extremely nourishing.  Look around for friends who may need someone to talk to, or look around for people who you feel safe to be with and allow yourself to receive the support they can give you. There is always a need for balance in this, so do your best not to tip the scales too much and expect to be supported, and not give support back. It’s like the in and out breath, both are equally as important as the other. Always maintain your balance.

It’s interesting this rise in the Divine Feminine, because last week, was week 2 of my reflect radio chakra series. However, after about 15 minutes on air my host threw me out and ended the show for some strange reason. Since then the Divine Feminine has increased a thousand fold. I rescheduled my week 2 of the chakra series for tomorrow (Thurs 14th April) and week 2 is all about the 2nd chakra, the sacral and the sacral chakra is our feminine centre! Of course! It is all connected. We will be talking about the sacral chakra, and doing some healing / meditation focusing on it too, so if you feel that you resonate with what I am sharing with you here, please pop in and either listen live or to the archive. It is free and will be an awesome time. Your can listen live or to the archive by following this link

Chakra Series on Reflect Radio
If you are interested in following my Chakra Series on Reflect Radio, I am keeping the archive and live list on this website, so please listen in to the old programs anytime suitable for you HERE or catch our LIVE programs every Thursday for the next 6 weeks. The best thing is that it Reflect Radio is free and available to anyone who can access the internet.

Brisbane / Caboolture area tour expressions of interest
Expressions of serious interest are sought for a possible spiritual surgery practitioner’s course (investment will be around $270 for day events out of Melbourne) and another undecided course. Around early October 2011. Expressions of interest close in June, so please spread and register your interest HERE

Temple of Balance the book
Today I received my book cover proof and I must tell you that I am overwhelmed with excitement about how wonderful the cover looks. The go ahead for mass printing has been given today, and delivery of my first books are expected towards the end of April or beginning of May, however I will have more exact information in the next week or so.
Pre-orders are open now, and not only will you be the first to receive my long awaited book, you will also receive a signed copy.
Investment is only AUD$24.95 plus postage. ORDER your book today! Learn more about Temple of Balance the book HERE

Website changes
With all my projects and popularity with my art in recent months I have modified my website in attempt to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for or have a good browse. I have done this by adding sections from my website as their own website now. You can also navigate to anywhere you want by scrolling to the bottom of my web pages and find links to other areas.
Healing Art - HERE
Events - HERE
Temple of Balance on Reflect Radio – HERE
Temple of Balance the book – HERE
Healing Energy Cards – HERE

Healing Energy Cards on facebook
I am completely overwhelmed by the amazing response as I introduced Healing Energy Cards to facebook with a facebook page. Having over 200 people join in 5 days is incredible! Offering daily Healing Energy Card guidance, if you are on facebook come along and say hi ~ Find us HERE

Healing List
Every Thursday on my Reflect Radio broadcast, I conduct ‘Healing Time.’ You can either ‘join me live’ and add yourself, family, friends etc then or add them to the healing list, which is available every Thursday on facebook here or please email me who you would like on it at 

New Melbourne tour for July
Cory and I are coming to Melbourne in July for Private double healing sessions on Sat 2nd July and our Spiritual Surgery Practitioners course on Sun 3rd July. See more details below...

My regular program slot: Thursday’s at 8pm Sydney time. London Thurs 11am. Pacific time (US) Thurs 3am. (new times due to time changes) See worldclock

Shine in your Light ~  Reflect Radio!
All you need is internet access...

Temple of Balance – Chakra Series – 2. Sacral Chakra on Reflect Radio
Sydney - Thurs 14th April – 8pm
London – Thurs – 11am
Pacific (US) – Thurs – 3am
Content: Explore the chakras during this 7 week chakra series. This is week 2, all focused around the sacral chakra, your centre for emotional, sexual and creative energies. Awaken your feminine and creative side. Includes Healing Meditation for the Sacral chakra, and our weekly Healing Time.
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 90 mins
Cost: FREE
Please note: Due to unforeseen technical difficulties this event has been rescheduled for this week.

Temple of Balance – Chakra Series – 3. Solar Plexus Chakra on Reflect Radio
Sydney - Thurs 21st April – 8pm
London – Thurs – 11am
Pacific (US) – Thurs – 3am
Content: Explore the chakras during this 7 week chakra series. This is week 3, all focused around the solar plexus chakra, your centre for personal power, strength and courage. Awaken your masculine and powerful side. Includes Healing Meditation for the Solar plexus chakra, and our weekly Healing Time.
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 90 mins
Cost: FREE

Temple of Balance – Chakra Series – 4. Heart Chakra on Reflect Radio
Sydney - Thurs 21st  April – 8pm
London – Thurs – 11am
Pacific (US) – Thurs – 3am
Content: Explore the chakras during this 7 week chakra series. This is week 4, all focused around the heart chakra, your centre for Love of self, others and all creation. Includes Healing Meditation for the Sacral chakra, and our weekly Healing Time.
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 90 mins
Cost: FREE

More upcoming programs See here
Listen to the archives of Lee-Anne’s Programs here


NEW Temple of Balance Oracle Card
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Created by: Lee-Anne Peters

Whale ~ Sacred Song

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Whale sings to you her sacred song. Singing to help wake you up, yo help heal you, to give you strength or just to simply get your swimmers on and come swimming with her.

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Temple of Balance Oracle Cards - Available worldwide July / August 2011. Stay tuned for more information soon.

Tips to help you this week:
·        Awaken your Divine feminine & Divine masculine
·        Go with the flow
·        Allow yourself to metaphorically ‘give birth’ to the new
·        Be the supporter and supported
·        Go gently
·        Maintain your energy vibrations

Confirmed Events (in order of event):

Private Healing Sessions with Cory and Lee-Anne
When: Sat 2nd July 2011
Where: Wantirna South, Melbourne, Australia
Times: 45mins (10am – 5.30pm)
Learn more HERE
Register HERE

Spiritual Surgery Practitioners Course
When: Sun 3rd  July 2011
Where: Wantirna South, Melbourne, Australia
Times: 10am – 4.30pm
Learn more HERE
Register HERE

Unlock your Soul’s Purpose, Power & Potential
Melbourne 5th – 11th Nov 2011

7 events over 7 days!

Basic info:
Travel information (International or national): see here

Day 1 Sat 5th Nov 2011
Return to your Corea shamanic healing day
Base chakra activation – physical / grounding

Day 2 Sun 6th Nov 2011
ReCreate your lifeunlock your creative abilities
Sacral chakra activation – creativity and emotions

Day 3 Mon 7th Nov 2011
Solar Plexus chakra activation – personal power

Day 4 Tues 8th  Nov 2011
Nurture your heart and soulbalance your body, mind and emotions
Heart chakra activation – love of self

Day 5 Wed 9th Nov 2011
Harmonic Soundsawaken to higher consciousness
Throat chakra activation – expression, truth, sound

Day 6 Thurs 10th  Nov 2011
DNA Activationunlocking your true potential
Third eye chakra activation – intuition, trust

Day 7 Fri 11th Nov 2011
Crown chakra activation – connections, oneness

Registrations are open now.
Inquiries please email

If you want to experience change, healing and growth in a loving and nurturing space, then why not book and experience first hand what we have to share. We have feedback signed by attendees, and attendees who repeat events because they love soaking up the atmosphere. Check out our feedback, view our previous events gallery and the events we currently have on offer. If you would like to propose an event in your area, please email


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