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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Topsy Turvey! 11:8:11

Words of Wisdom

Topsy Turvey!



Welcome to this Words of Wisdom! For those of you new to these words, I follow no rules, so you won’t find these coming out on regular days or dates. I just flow with when I feel I need to share something to you. And yes, I am feeling this now.

If you are struggling right now, in any area of your life, please find some comfort and LOVE in these words of LOVE to you. I share and express my truth from my heart, and this is me being as authentic as I am able at this moment.

Breathe deeply and slowly, allowing your mind to calm and any tension to soften. Take your time, and really hold this moment as ‘its own’, pausing in this moment! Feel the beautiful nurturing energy of our Mother Earth beneath you, ascending up and into your body – filling you up with nurturing LOVE. Welcome this energy; disperse it around your body using the Power of Your Breath! Take your time, align yourself with this energy. When you feel ready expand this energy and LOVE that you feel out into your aura, imagine it expanding, like you were blowing up a balloon! Expand this LOVE and energy out further and further... Imagine this LOVE going anywhere, where it is needed. Are you aware of someone ill right now? Do you aware of people who need help? Do your best not to see situations or people as right or wrong, but neutrally engulf them or the area with LOVE. You don’t need to tell the energy what to do... just allow it to flow in and do what it needs to do for the highest good of all concerned! Envision our Mother Earth enveloped with this blanket of LOVE! As she expands her LOVE to you, you expand your LOVE back to her. This is a beautiful balance of giving and receiving. The more you give, the more you receive. Hold this space for as long as you feel comfortable.

There are many fear-based situations occurring on our planet at this time. I know this is not a new situation, as we have been faced with a lot of these this year, however I do see an escalation! If what you are seeing on television or in the papers if affecting you in a negative way, or bringing fear or anger to the surface, I suggest that you turn off the television and close the newspaper. The BEST help you can be in these sorts of situations is to be a beacon of LOVE. Yes, this may sound corny, but it is true. How helpful are we if we sit back watching from a distance, being angry or scared? How helpful are we when we worry or lose sleep of situations we cannot control? The truth is that we can’t. The best help we can be is to step OUT and AWAY of the fear based news and send LOVE. As the observer you take out the conflict and you are able to view from a neutral standpoint, thus being able to send unconditional LOVE. If you are getting anxious about what you see or read about, try a different way of dealing with it, and see if it works for you.

Even though things continue to feel chaotic in the world, this is part of the Divine Plan. I see a vision of the Earth tossing everything up in the air in slow motion. Like if we were to throw a table cloth with food, plates and cutlery in the air... but imagine the Earth doing this and over a period of stretched time (in slow motion). This is the feeling I have right now with the energy present. Like things are being uncovered, dislodged, disturbed and stirred up! This is happening on personal, family / group, community, country and global levels.

How can we stay Aligned as individuals during this ‘tossing of everything?’ My suggestion is to continue letting go and surrendering your old hurt and pain. Strengthen your mind thoughts and your connections to your higher self and your spiritual teachers. Eliminate ALL people, situations, television programs, newspapers etc that DO NOT make you feel LOVE! It is time that we completely ALIGN with our truth on ALL levels! This means that when the ‘tossing of everything’ settles down into its new and rightful place, it will be in absolute accordance with our truth and what we (as individuals) want from life! YOU CAN THRIVE in this world right now! Are you thriving? Be real about how you feel and take necessary action to remain aligned with your truth and feelings.

It’s time to break down all limitations and unauthenticity and LIVE in the Freedom of our TRUTH & LOVE!

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Tips to help you this week:
·        Avoid ALL toxic energy – food, air, news, people etc
·        Continue to beam LOVE (giving & receiving)
·        Go gently
·        Spend time in nature when possible

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~ Aldous Huxley

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