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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Can change work for us?

Can change work for us?

By Lee-Anne Peters

I had to deal with changes from very early on like many people – with parents separating from a very early age, lots of changes in school, moving house, the only constant I really had in all of that was myself. As the eldest of four girls I learned early on how to be independent, however I was always very unconfident and I never really had an opinion. When I left school and studied hairdressing for four years my confidence increased which then married nicely with my natural independence.
I increased my confidence as I trusted more in the FLOW!

Hairdressing gave me new insight into the FLOW, for hair had its own flow depending on how it grew, its texture, density and elasticity and I just LOVED cutting and styling hair to work well in this flow. I knew the FLOW had to work well because my clients could have a nice shaped haircut that would last several more weeks than the average!
This is where I started to explore change further, and over the past fifteen years I have been taking this further through my self healing journey. I noticed that CHANGE in fact is a natural cycle – just like the sun rising and setting, and the way the seasons change. Then I began to notice changes happening on more personal and intimate levels with my emotions, my motivation, my attitude and the simple ebb and flow of my body systems. Yep – I saw change to be normal and natural – but then WHY sometimes was there much resistance to change?
I have found that the more I have EXPECTATIONS on something - then it doesn’t work out and it deeply hits me. So every day I am working on releasing my expectations and refining how I go with the flow.
Are your expectations blocking you from flowing forward?

I work on being the observer and not getting too closely involved with the nitty gritty of my life situations, but to observe and then do my best to turn any challenge into an opportunity to again further improve myself.
In regards to my dreams, I always do my best to be an active player in my dreams – bringing them to life through focus, determination and action.
On my radio show / podcast today I shared some further experiences and perspectives about change, flow and trust. There is also a meditation to help you understand more about what change means for you. It’s a free listen and is only 60mins in length. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

New Spirituality Podcasts with TempleofBalance on BlogTalkRadio

As I’ve learned to become more joyful and flexible with CHANGE I notice it works more and more for me. I dive into the river of mine and I trust the current will take me exactly where I need to be. I do my best not to struggle swimming upstream exhausting myself, but to have fun on the journey!
Lee-Anne Peters is a multiple self-published author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. The founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance - which is full of amazing resources, tools, services, products and events to help you love who you are and to follow your passions in life! Have your Temple of Balance experience by visiting

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