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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May - Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom
May 2014
By Lee-Anne Peters
May Blessings!
I trust this message finds you well. If you are struggling at this time, please find some comfort, support and LOVE in these words for you. Perhaps spend this time catching your breath – even for a moment.
As there will be no video May Forecast this month I will share my written forecast here for you. I trust it resonates, however remember to let go of anything that doesn’t and take on board what does. The information shared is a guide only.
As we flow into May we are guided to do what we can to find our own personal balance. This will come mainly through self LOVE at this time. Sometimes we get caught up in dramas that unfold, when we catch ourselves doing so then we can perhaps pause for a moment and see how we can shine some LOVE and kindness onto this situation in the best way that we can.
This will lead into an ‘overlapping’ of worlds for many of us. Where we feel we have one foot in the old world and the other in the new world. This may be sensed more so than being actually experienced at this time – like a feeling of restlessness or a sense that change is in the air. Things are changing rapidly right now for many of us – especially on more physical levels. As we keep our senses sharp and open and ALLOW this overlapping to occur, we will transit much smoother into the changes that are around. This is very evident around the 9th of May.
As we move into the week of the 12th of May (heading into the full moon on the 15th) things will ‘to and fro.’ There is a strong ‘push / pull’ feeling here. We will likely have strong surges of rest mixed with activity. One minute we will know what the next step is and the next we just won’t. During times of stress, heightened mental activity, high emotion or physical pressures we may do well to take some time to ponder, slow down and wait - passing our time gently playing, creating or honouring our hobby. This time will help us step back from the pressure and chaos, and will in fact allow us to ride the wave a little easier. As we trust our intuition and psychic gifts – this will also help lead the way for us. This week we may feel like we are ‘going backwards’ – however this can never be. Things are occurring profundly behind the scenes – let’s trust this – the evidence will show us soon!
Around the 18th of May a spontaneous break (for an hour, day or longer) will be much welcomed. A time to switch off, step back and reassess where we are heading. Not a lot of grounding here, but much thought, contemplation and reflection.
Around the 25th of May there is a sense of time suspension, where time seems to pause for many of us. We may feel ‘in limbo’ again, but in more of a mental and physical way than earlier in the month – which was a real energetic way. Now the energies have densified from the energetic ‘limbo’ and are moving into the mental and physical ‘limbo’ as we realize that physical changes are necessary right now – reality hits home. During this time some self nourishment may be a great help for us. This time of limbo may last minutes, hours or days. Let’s do our best to flow with this.
This will prompt a new sense of commitment to ourselves about what the next step is. Some of us will find that we have to commit on our own – that there may be some institutions or people who we hoped would help us out with the next step, however this may not be so. We must find peace within to commit to the next step in our own way.
Around the time of the 31st of May will be much teaching, sharing and expression energy – thus prompting new forms of communication and listening. We are guided to share, deliver and trust what we express towards the end of the month. This is an uplifting energy to carry us into June.
I trust your May is a smooth journey for you. I will be back for the June Forecast (and our next words of wisdom early in June). Please stay tuned for what’s coming up at Temple of Balance below.
Lee-Anne Peters
Please feel free to share with respectful credit to source – thank you.

Temple of Balance News & What’s on!
Thank you so much to everyone who supported our first Australian Tour. We had a tremendous time and wonderful support from all who attended. Some photos from the different events and cities have been shared in this facebook album here: – if you enjoyed what you experienced or you missed it, I will be penciling in another Australian Tour for around this time next year. Tickets will open in July.
Next Sunday (18th) we have our next Temple of Balance Open Day in Dodges Ferry, Tasmania. Starts from noon, entry via donation. We will be having some fun with aura & chakra drawing, great conversations and connecting with others of like mind. From 2pm the doors to the public close and we will hold an empowering meditation circle. The day will end about 3.30pm. Where: Okines Community House, Dodges Ferry. Cost: Donation entry. We will have our products, new card decks and some crystals available too. We look forward to seeing you there.
Update – Speed of Light Oracle – the cards arrived yesterday and I am having so much fun playing with and getting to know them. Our launch day is on Monday on our facebook page – - You can pre order your deck anytime at – all orders mailed out the week of the 12th of May.
Healing Energy Cards - have also arrived yesterday. The new print run is ready and all orders will start going out next week. Orders are welcome at 
My thoughts on overseas events are really being fine tuned. I’ve decided we will look a little more long term and hold the intention for events in 2016. My current intention is to host in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and London. More details on this will open in the coming months. Expressions of interest or assistance are welcome (please reply back to this email).
All info for the above and everything else happening at Temple of Balance is regularly updated on our website if you can’t find what you are looking for – please contact us through our website.

Temple of Balance Events coming up:
MAY Sat 17 | Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course | Hobart area | SOLD OUT
MAY Sun 18 | Temple of Balance open day | Dodges Ferry, Tasmania | MORE FLYER
JULY Fri 3 - 6 | stall with Spirit Guide Drawings at Hobart Psychic Expo | Hobart, Tasmania | LINK
OCT Sat 4 | stall with Spirit Guide Drawings at Paranormal & Spiritual Expo| Casula, Sydney, NSW | LINK
OCT Sun 5 | Atlantis Remembering Event - with Atlantis: A Return Home book launch | Ashfield, Sydney, NSW | TICKETS | FLYER
OCT Mon 6 | Oracle Card Reading Workshop | Ashfield, Sydney, NSW | TICKETS | FLYER
For more info on our events, please visit:

Temple of Balance Radio this month: (Sydney time – AEST – GMT+10)
Thurs 8 May – 8.30pm – Meditation Hour – Self Acceptance - LINK
Thurs 15 May – 8.30pm – Temple of Balance Show - Upgrade - LINK
Thurs 22 May – 8.30pm – Transference of Light Codes (End of Karma) - LINK
Thurs 29 May – 8.30pm – Meditation Hour – Awakening - LINK

Speed of Light Oracle have arrived!
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Message for you!
Ignite your passion for life. Take action to get out of your present rut.

Much LOVE always,
Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne Peters is a multiple self-published author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. The founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance - which is full of amazing resources, tools, services, products and events to help you love who you are and to follow your passions in life! Have your Temple of Balance experience by visiting

Everything shared within this blog is a guide only and should not replace your own intuition or professional advice.

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