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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Is it so hard to accept who we are?

Is it so hard to accept who we are?

By Lee-Anne Peters

Yes it can be hard to accept things about ourselves – why though? Wouldn’t it be natural for us to approach ourselves with favour and care? Wouldn’t it be natural for us to embrace our unique qualities?
I feel that when we fell into duality / separation several thousand years ago that we, as a collective society became disempowered and separate from everything – including ourselves. We were forced into a box – to conform and fit in with everyone else – but how can we really ever do that? If everyone is unique, individual and different then how can we all be crammed into a box? 
Can you really fit yourself into the same box as everyone else?
We were led to believe that we had to be in that box or others would point or throw things at us for being different or the ‘black sheep’ of the family?
What if all of those ways are outdated, unnatural and disempowering? What if when we begin to genuinely accept who we are more then these ‘difference’ actually became our most amazing features? What if our life’s purpose is closely connected with those apparent ‘flaws’ - which in truth are our features?
Accepting who we are can be a challenge, however it will help us love who we are and become more at peace with our self and our life experience.
Notice, observe and reflect on how you genuinely feel about you – not to judge or be harsh towards you, but to find a NEW APPROACH, a NEW WAY to find ACCEPTANCE.
If you’re feeling ‘off’ towards you, then it is encouraged that you spend extra time in self nourishment. Perhaps taking a hot bath, doing some journal writing, or perhaps take a walk – some time to really connect with you so you can SHIFT THINGS. 

Step back and self nourish to help you become clearer.

FEEL for the best way. As you get to know yourself more, you will find it easier to approach your self care. Then you can enjoy more time feeling loving and accepting towards yourself, others and your life, and less time worrying, concerning yourself with others or focusing on your ‘flaws’.
On my radio show / podcast today I shared some further experiences and perspectives on self acceptance with an empowering meditation to help you. It’s a free listen and is only 60mins in length. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

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