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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Goodbye Karma!

Goodbye Karma!

By Lee-Anne Peters
For what seems like eons we have been subject to deep wounds that many of us cannot explain in this current lifetime. Fears, aches, pains and certain situations and people we attract that we also cannot explain – some of us sense these go much further back than this lifetime. 
In more recent years, as we let go further and find the lessons in these wounds, we have been freeing ourselves. It has been happening more and faster than ever before. Some are still new to this and it may not seem easier – but it will likely become easier as we willingly let go. 
Letting go - throwing those unwanted thoughts away!
As we move out of the painful and dense ‘wheel of karma’, we move into the more expansive ‘spiral of grace.’ This happens automatically with our self healing and willingness to surrender those old wounds.
We are not creating any new karma for ourselves – unless we believe it to be so. So now more than ever before we must be mindful of what we are believing.
Thoughts and words like – “karma will get you back”“why does this stuff always happen to me” – “I will be trapped like this for the rest of my life” – these sorts of thoughts and beliefs are completely limiting and hold us back in that ‘wheel of karma’ – where the painful situations and circumstances go around and around (often repeating themselves).
Some tips to help you let go:
-         Journal writing – to explore how you feel and what is happening in your life
-         Working with your breathing to help you let go
-         Other self healing tools
-         Assistance from professionals who you feel safe with and who empower you
You don’t have to be held imprisoned by your own mind, the past wounds or karma any longer. Open to the possibility of being free and living the life you talk about. Your willingness to step outside that box and learn your lesson from that issue not only has a potential positive impact on you, but it also is the way you help change the world – the collective benefits from this - it raises the vibrations of the whole!! Now that is inspiring!
On my radio show / podcast today I shared some further experiences and perspectives on ‘karma’ with a releasing healing meditation to help you. It’s a free listen and is only 60+mins in length. Here’s the link if you’re interested: 

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