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Friday, 24 April 2015

The manifestation process - by Lee-Anne Peters

One process that continues to blow my mind, is the process of manifestation. I find it incredibly inspiring to start with just an idea or a blank piece of paper, and through action bring something into reality. 

Trusting the journey - opening your path to abundance!
The idea usually starts with much enthusiasm and however little common sense, that is until a little time passes and we can get a good look at the idea.

We can work out and plan whether it is doable, crazy or something we can put effort into later.

Once we recognise that the idea is worth investing time, money and energy into we then move into the action phase. This can be the trickiest of the manifestation phases - as we have to really push through to see it through. Sometimes we become full of doubt, things crumble and we are challenged beyond belief. Sometimes the idea just fizzles away.

If we can see it through, keeping our enthusiasm strong and our doubt minimal - we reach a moment where we can enjoy the fruits of our labour. Whether it be a book, a project, piece of artwork or music... whether it be cooking a meal, planting food in our own garden or crafting our own garments.

Manifestation can bring much joy and self achievement! 

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Lee-Anne is an Independent Author, Artist, Speaker, Motivator and is the founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance. You can connect with Lee-Anne on her weekly Radio Show, at live events, by reading her books, listening to her meditations or connecting on Facebook.

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