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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September 2015 - Message from Lee-Anne & what's happening at TOB

Temple of Balance eNewsletter
September 2015
I trust you travelled well through August. It sure has been quite the ‘physical’ month, with our physical bodies taking quite the battering.
As we head into September things are beginning to lighten and we are urged to move forward, let go and take action on the things which are important to us. Around mid month we may be guided to reconnect further with the innermost aspects of who we are through meditation, reflection and allowing time for ourselves. Towards the end of September our productivity picks up and we may find partnering up with others to be quite productive in regards to the bigger picture. Some of us will be enjoying the shifts in the seasons and can run with this inspiration in our own lives, work and play.
I trust you have a clear and loving journey through September. Below are some things we’ve got going on here at Temple of Balance, I trust there is something which may be helpful for you.
Shared with LOVE,
~ Lee-Anne Peters

Temple of Balance News & What’s on!
This weekend, Cory and I will be having a Temple of Balance stall at the Paranormal & Spiritual Expo at Casula, Sydney. I will be doing some Spirit Guide Drawings there and at 4pm will give a workshop on Self Publishing your Story. You can learn more about it all here:
We have events coming up in Sydney and Tasmania. If you would like to learn more please visit:
All info for the above and everything else happening at Temple of Balance is regularly updated on our website if you can’t find what you are looking for – please contact us through our website.

Temple of Balance Events coming up:
- SEPT Sat 5 2015 Casula, Syd, NSW - Self-Publishing Your Story (50min event) at 4pm
- SEPT Sat 5 2015 Casula, Syd, NSW - Stall & Spirit Guide Drawings at Paranormal & Spiritual Expo
- OCT Fri 23 2015 Syd, NSW - presentation at the MBS Festival at 4.30pm
- FEB Fri 19 - Fri 26 2016 Carlton, TAS - Tasmania Healing Retreat (live-in)
- FEB Sun 21 Feb 2016 Carlton, TAS - Spirit Guide Drawing Wkshop
- FEB Tues 23 Feb 2016 Carlton, TAS - Crystal & Sound Healing Day
For more info on our events, please visit:

Temple of Balance Radio
(Sydney time – AEST – GMT+10)
Tues 15 Sept - on-air guidance with Meditation
Tues 29 Sept - on-air guidance with Meditation
Other random programs happening throughout September. Follow to receive auto-email reminders.

Publications at Temple of Balance
The Warrior: Trailblazer of Truth (new release - paperback
Create a Facebook Page that ZINGS! (paperback & digital)
ATLANTIS: a return home (novel) (paperback & kindle)
Speed of Light Oracle– 55 cards to help Expand Your Spirit (cards - available)
Healing Energy Cards 2nd ed – Tools to help you self heal (cards - available)
Temple of Balance Journal (6 to choose from): Explore who you truly are (paperback)
Affirmations: Encouraging you to smile, heal & awaken (paperback & kindle)
I Am Goddess: It’s time to Shine (paperback - save 20%)
Temple of Balance the book – Are you ready to be inspired? (paperback – save 30% & kindle)
Meditation: Simple & Effective – Enjoy more worry free days! (paperback – save 20%)
Create your own Crystal Grids (eBook, Video, Meditation) (ePackage – everyday $1.99)
I Am Shaman: Let go and allow flow (paperback – save 30%)
Healing Energy Cards eBook – Companion to the cards (eBook – everyday $4.99)
From Lack to Abundance: keys to manifesting our success (paperback - save 30%)
Temple of Balance Oracle Cards: guidance from our friends in spirit (Cards - save $10)
Eternal Love: A true story about Twin Flames (eBook - free)
Aligning with the Speed of Light: A guide to Ascension (paperback - save 30% & kindle)
Temple of Balance the book: Are you ready to be inspired? (paperback - save 30%)
Browse all of these at

Pillars of Light Family Members
Your mp3 meditation will be sent out with Friday’s Current Energy Report. Learn more about our Pillar of Light Family here:

Online Market
Each Wednesday morning (Sydney time) Cory and I share some of my handmade pendants and crystal specimens we import from India and Madagascar on our facebook page. Your support helps us continue doing our work full time - thank you. See here:

Message for you!
The dolphin calls to you, listen to those stirrings within your heart. A time of great emotional healing.

Much LOVE always,
Lee-Anne Peters
~ founder of Temple of Balance
Let's connect on:

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