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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Am I Selfish to LOVE who I Am?

  Am I Selfish to LOVE who I Am?

By Lee-Anne Peters
Growing up I used to be extremely unconfident about myself. I had zero love for who I was, and was conditioned like many to not be selfish, but to put others first! Being a caring person is a part of my nature, however being unloving towards myself is not. I thought it was, but now I see it is quite unnatural for me to being unloving to me.
Lack of self love can bring up feelings like: loneliness, depression, overwhelm.
When I started my self-healing journey around the year 2000 it revealed to me how blocked I was with my own self love. Insecurities and doubts were revealed as I worked hard cutting ties and attachments that others had to me – they depended on me as I served them. It wasn't completely them though - I allowed it! It was time to get my power back!
At times I feel so mighty small,
Especially when you mute the call.
My attempts to communicate aren’t effective,
So I just leave you be and become self-reflective!

How can I hold my energy high,
When all you do is let out an unhappy sigh?
My heart wants to help you so,
However nothing I say can make that pain go.

I breathe deeply, I release that desire,
To help you now – all you want is to expire.
I do my best to make the most of this,
To be true to myself and ignore that hiss.

I breathe again and look in the mirror,
I am real about my feelings – they aren’t my killer.
My feelings help me understand my truth,
And how to find a much needed energy boost!

The mirror is foggy, how can that be?
I look into my eyes and I struggle to see...
There is more pain than I originally thought,
It seems in that net I’ve been caught.

I stare back into my sensitive eyes,
I ask myself, why do I need to hide?
Can’t I just go on as before?
Can I ignore that wave crashing shore?

I don’t want to ignore the feelings I feel,
I want to feel in order to heal.
I place my hand there on my heart,
My eyes glass over, I am eager to start.

I feel the love I have for me,
An unconditional love that will set me free.
This love I have can never die,
I am my best friend *a contented sigh*

I don’t need to rely on others at all,
To say my name - to follow the call.
My calling is mine I see,
No one else can know what I see.

My reflection starts to shine brighter to me,
I smile at me and all that I see.
I say the words – ‘I love you my dear’,
Not based on ego or any old fear.

I breathe deep and welcome in love,
The world isn’t out to get me – I’m free like a dove,
I wipe the tears from my loving eyes,
There’s no need to wear this stinky disguise!

So off it comes, I move deeper in love,
A love for myself – below and above.
No matter what others project onto me,
I am true to myself and I will always be...

Be me, be here, shine bright – that’s me!
If others don’t like it – then leave me be!
For there is only one special person in my life,
That person will not cause me strife!
Excerpt from – I Am Goddess, it’s time to shine! – Lee-Anne Peters
Potential within the pain we hold ourselves in!
As I broke away it threatened others, however it enhanced me. I began to feel more balanced, whole, compassionate and clear – a new sense of purpose awakened within me – all thanks to loving myself further.
Now I continue to take it deeper… to be aware of my thoughts and words towards me – ensuring they are as loving as can be. Now I have a renewed sense of purpose and genuinely love who I am.
Today I shared on my Radio Show / Podcast on SELF LOVE. In it I shared lots of tips and a live self love meditation / healing. It’s free, and here’s the player.

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You deserve to enjoy your life -----> self LOVE is the key!
To help you self LOVE -----> listening to your feelings are the key!

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