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Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Advice for Budding Independent Authors!

My Advice for Budding Authors!
By Lee-Anne Peters
Ten years ago I never dreamed I would be sitting here sharing my advice with you. English in school was one of my worst subjects… and I had a real issue with words for many years. Although this issue was more in the speaking out loud capacity – it was still something that I never thought I would be doing.
Then in late 2010 I was hosting a Shamanic Healing Day in Sydney when I was encouraged by one of my Power Animals during meditation to GET WRITING! I was urged to stop my events for now and write. Usually I am a little rebellious to persuasions from spirit as I like to be in charge… but this time I thought I would give it a try, I thought that I really didn’t have much to lose.
So being an action oriented Goddess I got focused immediately – mainly with the enticement of getting back into my events again (as I LOVE to share in this way). So for the following months and into early 2011 my first book – Temple of Balance the book – was born. I found it quite easy to write as it was based around things I noticed people asking me about often – this way I could now point them to a resource and not have to keep repeating this information.
My first book finished its print run - sitting at the printer ready
to be shipped out! So happy to see my book there in form!!

I sourced out printers that could give me the best deal (as it was essential I keep the retail price as cost effective as possible), and then my book started production. The prospect of holding my own book was extremely exciting and in May 2011 my first book was in my hands.
Now – less than three years later I have recently released my 7th paperback and my 3rd deck of oracle cards are currently at the printers.
At the beginning I was not interested at all in finding a publisher – I wanted my books to be genuine from my heart and not tampered with to fit the market and publishers needs. It’s only been about 6 months now that I have been actively open to being published, but really I can, have been and am doing it all on my own… My only reason for seeking a publisher is for the backing, support and helping my products reach more internationally. However, I have successfully published, distributed and retailed my books and card decks myself, and have twice sold out of a deck of cards that have only been available through my website and at my events. Now we have access to social media and other avenues to release our own products – Independent Artists Rock!
Me in Oct 2013 with 7x of my current publications at the time!
So what tips do I have for you and your book idea…
IDEA PHASE – no matter how crazy, wild or strange your ideas are, write them down, pen them because you never know when you might run with some of those ideas. Do your best not to get fixated on them, but hear them, express them and then take action on them if they call for it!
ACTION PHASE – Your ideas are HOT!! The words are flowing, or, you have made your mind up that you would like to write a book. Try not to get caught up in how it will get published or printed, but enjoy the creative process. Every book has an energy of its own. Some are written fast (my 2nd book of 40,000 words was written in 3 short weeks), and some are longer (my Ascension Mastery Series books take about 1.5yrs to get together). Some books flow easily, others take more concentration. Whatever your action phase is, be sure to KEEP AT IT. Writing 1,000 words a week (which is not that many really) will see a 40,000 worded book written in about 40 weeks. That may seem long, but before you know it you will be finished your first draft! And that feeling is fantastic! *cheers*
MANIFESTATION PHASE – Your draft is complete, and you re-read and tidy the manuscript up. Now it is important to consider your cover design, editing, typesetting and printing.
Your cover design needs to be neat, and if you aren’t brilliant at designing, you may have a friend or family member who is, or keep it SIMPLE. Make your title catchy and clear – it needs to accurately reflect the content of your book. *hint, create a facebook page with the same title as your book to start generating interest
When it comes to editing, you can source out an editor, or, ask a few friends who are pretty good with grammar etc to help you out. Do you know a school teacher? They make great editors.
With typesetting, I have always done this myself, as well as everything above. I usually just use a Microsoft word document – look at other book sizes I like and set my page size to that. Remember keep a generous border (so no words get cut off) and a font I usually use is Bookman Old Style.
When it comes to printing your book I have now found that there is only one brilliant option, and that is through Create Space (Amazon). Their price is competitive compared to bulk printing offshore, they print on demand – so no upfront costs, and you will have your book sitting in the biggest bookstore in the world! Pretty enticing right?
Then you can order copies of your own book pretty much at cost price and share your link to Amazon with your family, friends and customers for sales.
One of the best things I have ever done was to listen to the guidance I received from my Power Animal that day in Sydney, for now I am officially ‘addicted’ to book writing. I currently have three books on the go and I know there are many, many more in me yet!!
If you would like to check out my range so far, please visit:
Get your message out to the world – it has NEVER BEEN EASIER to be a self-published Independent Author!! All the best and I trust this is helpful!
Lee-Anne Peters is a multiple self-published author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. The founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance -which is full of amazing resources, tools, services, products and events to help you love who you are and to follow your passions in life! Have your Temple of Balance experience by visiting

Everything shared within this blog is a guide only and should not replace your own intuition.

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