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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Connecting to the SOURCE within!

Connecting to the SOURCE within!
By Lee-Anne Peters
For most of my life I just thought I was a single and small human living on this big wide world. I felt quite insignificant I must say. I had no religious upbringing; in fact my dear mother was raised in a religious sect that she broke free from when she was 18. Thus for me to know my mother’s family would not speak to her because she wasn’t ‘in’ their religion conjured up all sorts of non-belief in me.
You see for me none of this religious stuff felt right. There had to be something more that made more sense and is not so controlling and disempowering (please note, I am not trying to pull down anyone with religious beliefs. If you do, I respect that, I am simply sharing how I feel about it).
So skip forward a few decades and here I am, on the precipice of a massive internal shift. What I am shifting into I have no idea – but I sense things are changing, I sense I am changing. I am becoming freer, lighter, calmer, more focused and more than ever standing as a Pillar of Light and Truth. 
An inner & outer shift can be incredibly freeing.
It is now, as I sit here in this moment where I can truly feel the SOURCE of who I am within me. It doesn’t sit in my arm, leg or even in my heart. It is not some man in the clouds, or someone I must worship or pray to. It is not something that judges me or belittles me. It doesn’t demand I do this or that.
It is simply an ever-present essence that weaves itself within everything. I see it in nature, in the air that I breathe and the food that I eat. I feel this presence deep within every cell of my being, every smile I witness and ever wonderful heart uplifting song I connect with. You see this essence or SOURCE I feel is life, it is LOVE, it is the Creator of all existence beyond time and space.
How do I know this? I can sense it, feel it, hear it, taste it, experience it… there is nothing special about me, I am just a mum in her 30’s and am a lot like you. I have learned to turn off my doubting and fearful mind. I have learned to not depend on others or things and to not give my power away to anything. I have discovered that we are all equal and part of a collective Oneness. I feel SOURCE (or you may call it God, the Universe, Great Spirit etc) within everything and for this I am so grateful for.
The SOURCE within me dances with life and I am in SYNCH and in Alignment with this essence. It is the Larger Part of me – it is my I AM ESSENCE – it is my HIGHER SELF – it is the CORE of who I AM.
Sometimes people can feel disconnected from it, or even lost from it… many go searching for it, but it is difficult to find - for it doesn’t hide under any bush, or need a lot of money to find…. It is simple, it is nature, it is everywhere. When the doubting, negative thinking and fear living mind is taught to step back – then we get glimpses of the source within…. We can connect with it – even for a moment!
Then we can focus on tapping into it for a little longer and a little longer each day, until it becomes a part of our life. A dancing UNION of who we are!
Today I shared on my Radio Show / Podcast a meditation and some sharing about my thoughts on our – I AM ESSENCE. It’s free, the player is below or here’s the link:

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How you perceive your I Am Essence – your Source – will likely be different from how I do, and this is a part of the uniqueness of us all. How boring the world would be if we all were exactly the same?!? Allow your uniqueness and individuality to SHINE!

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  1. I appreciate your perspective on connection to an underlying or essential source and have gone through a similar experience of religion/seeking of my own. In my experience, I've only met one ordained pastor who spoke of a personal relationship with God or source/creator energy, that religion or spirituality wasn't meant to be 'your grandmother's God' or 'God twice-removed', but an individual relationship. Very well stated and I'm grateful to have found (& to follow) your work, thank you.