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Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Great Flow - 24th Dec 2011

The Great Flow!
24th December 2011


I sit here on the evening of the 24th of December surrounded by thunder and lightning. It is summer here, but we are lucky to have 3-5 storms during summer as our climate in Southern Australia is not known for its humidity or heat for that matter. I LOVE the charging of the air, as these storms activate me in all ways! As soon as I hear some thunder I am up and active!! Now seemed like a perfect moment to share the next update in what has been occurring collectively since the 16th of December. If you haven’t read my other Words, please find them here on my blog (16th Dec & 20th Dec).

We have been talking about ‘The Great Pause’ and waiting for Green Lights to signal us into the next space of our life. Many of us ‘sense’ something waiting on the other side of these lights that we can’t quite grasp. Many of us hold this space of Pause while others ‘catch up’ by releasing doubt, fear, old beliefs and programming and step into the ‘zone.’

The waves of Action started slowly rolling in a couple of days ago, around the solstice, where many of us became ripe again with motivation, however, still not the Green Lights we have been waiting for. I see us standing on the line, with a very lightly packed bag on our back; positioned ready to charge full steam ahead the MOMENT that light turns Green!!

Meanwhile, others are tasking us with work to do, our own ‘to do’ list grows, however most of it remains on Pause for now! We are reminded to only ‘do’ what we feel motivated to do, and KNOW that the rest really can wait. It is not important right now or we WOULD have the enthusiasm and time to ACT!

Each day since the solstice our motivation increases. Each day the WAVES of motivation wash over us, slightly increasing in momentum! We are stepping into the Great FLOW! The Great Flow consists of total alignment with who we are and the direction we are going. We rarely look back to our past within the Great Flow, but instead we accept, allow and trust! We KNOW within our whole being that everything from the past contributed to who we are today. We learnt valuable lessons about how we want our life to be, and who we want to be. Embrace all of the important lessons and shift your focus from the past. Those remaining so fixated on the past and the pain, trauma, drama from there will struggle to step into the flow, and I see them mesmerised by what happened back then. For them time will quicken to a very rapid pace and they will not know where the time is going every day! These people are aging and deteriorating quickly! The good news is, is that this isn’t the way it has to be. And anytime anyone is LOCKED within the time lock of the past, they have a CHOICE to switch out of the hypnosis and turn and face their life now, embrace the lessons from the past and step into the flow. If you feel you are trapped in your past, PLEASE ask for help, look or ask for resources that can help you let go. You are not alone in this!

The Great Flow is here now and it sweeps us up into its magic and vastness! The Great Flow is an ebb and flow that gently pulsates from moment to moment; a smooth and rhythmic dance of FLOW. To step further into this FLOW, work with music, sound, colour and art to ALIGN further with the Great Flow. The Great Flow is increasing momentum. You step into the Alignment of this Great Flow gently to start with, and then it builds and builds in its intenseness! Once you have been swept into the Great Flow, you will not easily exit. You will not easily be fooled by those trapped mesmerised by their pain from the past. You will not easily slip into doubt or under the excuse that you need to find answers from others, when you can easily now TRUST your own inner knowing and make THAT count!

The Great Flow is building and it will continue to build into January! As we ‘enter’ and while we are ‘in’ it, we empower others to align more with their Great FLOW too... We are being swept into the Great Flow from the line we have been waiting on,  and we expand into ever expanding consciousness. Similar to a large giant Vortex, we are now turning our own lights on! We are paving our own way. We prepared, we retreated, we cleared and we waited... now, we are swept into the Greatest Flow ever known. And it’s here we realise that the Green Lights turning on was not about a linear path going straight ahead, but was our porthole into this ever expanding Vortex of FLOW!

Hold your position, hold your stance,
Let go of your pain, move to YOUR dance!
As you are swept into the flow,
And you let all hurt go,
You are not aimlessly tumbling, through the victim of time,
But you are perfectly dancing and swaying in rhyme.
The Great Flow has you within her expansion,
Here you safely awaken your dreams and passion.
You look out from your FLOW of the vortex within,
And you see trillions of others who too, have let go of sin.
Trillions of souls, aligning with FLOW,
Trillions of stars who are ready to GLOW.
Hold your position, move deeply inside,
Let go, Align and Enjoy your Sacred RIDE!

Soon we will not need to speak of fear, it will be no more. Shift into your truth and shine with your love. We are all here together FLOWING on our ride during this Great Shift in consciousness!

Thank you SO much for being you, and for stepping into your Great FLOW! I appreciate your efforts, your growth and your commitment, YOU help us ALL!


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All my LOVE,
~ founder of Temple of Balance

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  1. This is just fantastic Lee-Anne .. love it and sure feeling it :D xx

  2. excellent this is what ive needed to read at this moment in time :) it thankyou lee-anne <3

  3. It IS wonderful being in the vortex. Amazing how events FLOW with ease. All ENJOY being together as ONE celebrating this special occasion.
    Love and light....

  4. W O W !!!!! :) x Maree