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Friday, 23 March 2012

There goes that SIGN!!!

There goes that SIGN!!!
By Lee-Anne Peters

Everything that happens around us unfolds like a scene from a movie! With every picture, piece of crockery, plant and person in the right position as the scene unfolds... When you really stop and notice this uncanny unfolding, you recognise something incredible – SIGNS! Signs occur as we just happen to walk past that conversation or that formation in the clouds! The question is – do you notice them?

Lee-Anne drumming on the mountain top.
When I first started to consciously acknowledge spirit around twelve years ago, I connected with a special spiritual teacher - Red Eagle. Red Eagle has a beautiful energy and it was fun in those early days, playing and developing our communications. He was very influential in my life and led me to some amazing things that have helped me in many areas. One was when I was guided to join a local shamanic drumming meditation group. I had been becoming more drawn to the Native American energy for several years and this one day I was chatting with a friend who is quite psychic and she mentioned a drumming group near my home - I thought that that was nice, but didn’t follow up. Then a week later, I was chatting to a different lady on a bus, and she happened to mention this same group... hmmm... was I listening yet? I don’t think so, because it was a few days later, I heard the same message from a third person. With this, I listened – I clearly heard the message and took action! The very next week, I was sitting in a shamanic drumming circle for the first time– this group has been an important part of my journey!

Rainbows are a great sign!
ASK for your spiritual helpers to show you a SIGN!

You see, signs can come from anywhere and don’t have to be the typical feather! Now feathers are lovely, and many people do recognise them as messages from loved ones in spirit, however your signs may come in different ways. 

Some that I have seen myself or have heard from others are:
* Seeing butterflies everywhere
* The same animal many times
* Numbers - 11, 22, 4 etc
* Unique pictures / formations in the clouds
* A song on the radio in the exact same place as other times
* That conversation you happen to overhear
* People telling you the same thing, with no knowledge of each other
* Feathers on your path
* Coins, little angels, special items left on your trail
* And so much more...

Now if your loved one in spirit or your spiritual guides are trying really hard to get your attention, then you may have pretty loud signs – usually if you aren’t heeding the message or noticing them! If you are looking for the signs everywhere, but you are looking for something specific (maybe a feather), then you may struggle to see it because you hold an expectation of seeing a feather for a sign! Expectations tend to block the flow of energy, so my suggestion is for you to let go of an expected outcome or sign, and just notice everything! When you notice everything – you cant miss anything!

Signs can be messages from your loved one letting you know that they are with you. They may come from the Universe as a confirmation that you are on the right path, maybe for comfort or to help encourage you on a new direction that is much more beneficial for your highest good. No matter why your signs are with you and what they are – take comfort in knowing that you are NEVER alone and that there is an intelligence co-creating with you in every single moment! Notice the signs, allow them to come in any form and heed their message! 

Maybe it’s a sign that you are reading this message today! ;-)

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host who is known for her practical, down-to-earth and very intuitive approach to life. Connect with Lee-Anne’s huge variety of work at
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  1. tina (ericalyn bishop)23 March 2012 at 07:17

    Leeanne ? Like I said on fb, mine are dragonflies. and wolves. and now, pennies. I find them on the ground alot. If my hubby,who is a cab driver, brings them home, then I ignore it, because he has alot of loose change, but if I see one in a parking lot, then it si a sign. Thank u for this !

  2. Since I became aware of it through a friend about 4 years ago, i've been noticing the signs everyday in my life. The one I most see it's about numbers, 33, 44, 22,55 and 11. Many times I feel comfort and support, and yes the feeling is that i'm not you say, it's good not to expect any particular sign and not to be attached to it also ( some time ago I was sick just looking for numbers into the cars...:) About the feathers, I think they are very magic...I've got a very strong message trough a dream with feathers and also the other day a little feather appeared in my room without no explanation...magic happens...:) also with black cats...and since I me tmy twin flame the number 11 has been coming to me so much as never before! what I still miss is this taking action when I have some repetitve thought or idea in mind or something that someone tells me as you have explained. Thanks leeanne, I like it to share. Sending you Love