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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Can we all find Abundance?

Can we all find Abundance?

By Lee-Anne Peters

I strongly believe we can all find and live abundantly. The problem that many may have is that they think doubtfully and unrealistically about what abundance is! What abundance means will be different to everyone, so let’s explore it:

- Make a list of what Abundance means for you.

For me abundance comes in many forms – as gifts, opportunities, money, good health and experiencing a general joy for life!

GIFTS: bargains, sales, gifts and discounts can help us greatly financially. Look around for these bargains and notice how much you save. Be grateful for the gifts others offer you.

OPPORTUNITIES: when you notice the opportunities rather than the struggles in your daily life, it can bring many more opportunities forth.

MONEY: sometimes people block themselves here. Believing that they are poor, have no opportunities, no money etc… what everyone requires financially will vary and it will be something personal for you. Ensure your finances EMPOWER you - if they dis-empower you then perhaps look at taking steps to help you shift into feeling empowered. 
Be empowered by Abundance!
 “How can you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you wish to be?” Lee-Anne Peters

GOOD HEALTH: depending on your general health and lifestyle look at listening to your body and doing what you can to help in this area. If you deal with daily pain then perhaps see if some days you can do something crafty, step outside or do something gentle that you can accomplish for yourself – something small is perfect.

JOY: with pressures released, challenges turned into opportunities, lack turned into a prompting of change, practicing the attitude of gratitude etc this in turn brings more general joy into your life – something that IS attainable if you are willing to feel it, notice it and experience it.

If it’s important to you that you enjoy life more, or to live more abundantly, it may be worth exploring these things for yourself. How you find it will depend on your values, your past experiences, your lifestyle, personality etc… do your best not to compare yourself to others or to judge others ways – as this is very individual. 
Bring your dreams closer, bring abundance closer into your experience by taking steps to LIVE IT!

If you struggle to LIVE IT, then look at how you THINK about it – because your thoughts, beliefs and fears will likely be your biggest hurdle. Not your location, your situation, your body, your bank account – you can make the most out of what you have if you wish to. If you can honestly look at your way of thinking and shift it, and then adjust it some more – this is HOW you will start seeing a positive difference in your life.
If I can go from bankruptcy to living abundantly (in my terms and values) - than I am confident that you can too!

“Take steps that are doable to reach your goal.” Lee-Anne Peters

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  1. Reading this reminds me to take time to bring in the positive, focus on the now, be gentle and good to myself. In my home we make treasure maps or dream boards for constant reminders to keep positive and to attract the positive. The Universe listens.