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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

2012 Soul Activation Series ~ Annual Event! Tickets now open!

2012 Tickets for this annual event series have just become available!!

12:10:12 soul ACTIVATION series 12:10:12
Awaken Your Spirit!
Sat 6th October – Fri 12:10:2012

After an incredible Soul Activation Series 11:11:11 we have been guided to create this an annual event series. We are very excited to announce that tickets and more details are now available regarding the 2012 series!

Again, a seven day event consisting of seven separate events means that you can come to the whole week, a few days or just one!

Even though this is still a chakra series and that will continue to be our focus for each day as we build energy up to the crown on 12:10:12 – every day has a new focus! 

Connecting with the Sacred Crystal Grids within the Earth and working with these to help the planet and enhance our lives, is the feature of day one, along with cleansing, opening and activating the Base Chakra. 

On day 2 we connect with the Sacred Goddess energy through new creative tools and techniques, and on day 3 we Awaken the Warrior within us with the power of the drums and celebrating the masculine energy inside.

We move into remembering on the heart chakra day, as we explore your past life memories and bring them forth to enhance your life today! This will be a very healing day that will leave you feeling complete by the end.

The 5th day brings us to our most popular and sort after course; Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course, and we are excited to welcome new attendees and an opportunity for repeat students to come at half price. Enhance your healing skills during this life changing certified course!

Tea leaf reading, working with oracle cards, psychometry, and Opening your Psychic Talents is our exciting and very intuitive focus of day 6. Also with cleansing, opening and activating your 3rd eye chakra!

This all leads us to the finale on day 7; a mass healing event connecting with crown chakra! We are extremely excited about this day as we connect with Saint Germain and Sacred Geometry – using it to enhance our lives in all areas!!

As you can see another jam packed week FULL of exciting activities, connections and healing!
We have a special early bird discount available until the end of March 2012! If you register and pay your deposit for the whole week, you receive 20% discount and if you want to register for 1 – 6 events, you receive a 10% discount! Payment plans are welcome and can be organised at your leisure after your deposit secures your seat!

We look forward to connecting with you again and celebrating our Sacredness at the Soul Activation Series 12:10:12 ~ Awaken Your Spirit! In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (same location as 2011)

You can find out lots more info here on our website –
On this website you can also see photos, read blogs and feedback from the last event in November 2011!

If you have any questions please forward them to

Please note: the regular Words of Wisdom will be out again soon!

Infinite LOVE
Lee-Anne & Cory

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