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Saturday, 12 November 2011

I Am Connected to myself and ALL; and I Take my Place within UNITY Consciousness! The Crown Chakra on 11:11:11

I Am Connected to myself and ALL; and I Take my Place within UNITY Consciousness! The Crown Chakra on 11:11:11 at the Soul Activation Series!

Join us across the land and sea,
As we come together in harmony!
Gathering and momentum building,
Living as ONE heart in this ONE world - NOW!
Expanding 11:11:11,
Merging Earth with Heaven!!
Here WE are!! United as ONE Heart, in this ONE Moment ~ Infinite LOVE and Gratitude

Oh my, such an amazing day it was here on 11:11:11!! I woke up before the full moon alignment around 7.15am and felt the energy soaring! I felt a lot of ‘pulling’ into the Earth!!
LOVE was anchored into place and Celebrated perfectly!

I couldn’t ‘contain’ myself, so we went down to the conference room early to prepare, centre and just BE, before our 11 attendees arrived!! We smudged and cleared the energy of the room and built the energy up!

The connections sure were strong on the day! Everyone arrived and we started the morning with some drumming for grounding and we called forth all the energies, including those people joining us from a distance. After introducing ourselves and pulling a card for ourselves, we began to clear, open and ACTIVATE the crown chakra!! We travelled into a pyramid and worked with Archangel Michael, it was perfect! After this we EMBODIED the energy we were feeling, by doing our own thing to Pia’s beautiful song ~ Chasing the sun! It was perfect and filled my heart with an overwhelming sensation of LOVE!!
We then talked about the relationship between the CROWN Chakra and the other chakras as individuals! This has been a very interesting part of those days where we discussed this. It opened up amazing conversation, expression and thought. And we recognized that when we are ‘closed’ in our CROWN Chakra area, we become ‘disconnected’ from who we are, our physical world, our personal power, self love, our truth and our imaginings. 

Taking us up to 1pm, we took a lunch break, while I got the audio web-streaming going! And after some time the internet dropped so we lost connection… however it was all perfectly timed. We relaxed and I talked about letting go, and surrendering the OLD in our life and activating our passions and potentials for our happiness. A huge beam of light flowed down into us all, and extended down to the earth and around our planet. It was perfect! Then the energy continued to EXPAND, as we stood up and CELEBRATED our GROUP connection. We chanted ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ and got into a fantastic drum rhythm. This continued to build the energy up, and I could feel the pulsating of Gaia under our feet, she was helping WAKE US UP!!
Then messages came through from the Pleiadians (seven who have been with us this whole time), and they are helping us remember. I was told to focus on increasing energy in front of us (in our Sacred Centrepiece) and for us all to increase the energy. So we used our visualization to gather and build the energy. We then did some verbalization of DREAMS we would LOVE to manifest into our life!! People were descriptive and expressed perfectly! We verbalized our personal goals and wishes, and then it expanded into goals for our world. The energy was increasing rapidly now… the CONNECTIONS were so strong! We then expanded this energy from our centre, out to fill up the room, the community, the state, the country, the world!!

I cannot describe in words the intensity of these moments!!

After drawing another card each, we moved into CELEBRATION mode ~ like tribal natives dancing around a fire, we played the drums, singing bowls and instruments. Some clapped and we soaked up this amazing energy. Celebrating it within our body and life now! 

Overwhelming gratitude filled my heart! It was so much fun!!

To close our day and the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11, we stood up and held hands, feeling our connection to each other and ALL! We expanded our energy and extended a great thanks to all in spirit and via distance who joined us during this time. I saw that we had lit the ‘torch’ and where now passing it on to other groups and people who were building their ceremonies around the world. It felt wonderful to be among the first countries to EMBODY and build the energy for this amazing moment in history!!

Everyone had a fabulous day! I am honoured to have shared this week with such AMAZING people!

A few nights ago I was shown by my spiritual teachers that we will be hosting the Soul Activation Series again in 2012! It will have a similar ‘chakra’ theme, however the focus on the ‘days’ will be different. With ideas like; unlocking sacred crystals, sacred geometry and more… Our current feelings are that it will be in Melbourne (possibly same location) ending on 12:10:12! I will give this more thought and will announce officially / open tickets in a couple of weeks!! Keep an eye out on our website; to find out more, or in our newsletter!

YOU are so special, so important and so GREAT! Please NEVER under-estimate or doubt your GREATNESS!! Embody it, Live it and BE it in every moment! Start really choosing LOVE and PEACE for your life!! Let go of those situations and people who do not resonate with your EXPANSION or who don’t have you feeling wonderful!!

YOU are in charge of your life! Acknowledge this and take responsibility, and KNOW that you are the Master Creator of your Life! 

The energy doesn’t ‘end’ here. In a world of duality and separations we see endings, but not NOW! Now we embrace the ever-expanding flow of MORE!! Break those old habits that hold you in conflict and do your best to step further IN to who you are!

Thank you for joining with me on this journey of ACTIVATION! You are LOVED and Perfect!!

Infinite and Expanding LOVE LOVE LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

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