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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Exploring the emotions & creativity on Day #2 of the Soul Activation Series

Awakening the Divine Feminine ~ Exploring the emotions and creativity on Day #2 of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11

Here we are again... only THIS time around we will NOT make the same mistakes... we will NOT fall for the same lies... we will NOT disempower ourselves!! THIS time we will not fail... THIS time we will collaborate and converge as ONE commUNITY! THIS time we will THRIVE in our Balanced Power!! This is NOT Atlantis ~ THIS is NOW! Thank you for Journeying NOW! THIS is happening! 

The Goddess within me is eager to be EXPRESSED!! It's time to come out of my shell, it's time to be FREE! It's time to be ALL I am destined to be!! Awaken with me Divine Feminine Goddesses!!

These above words and energies are how I started my day! Feeling amazing and WELCOMING of my Goddess essence!

Our focus today was to cleanse, open and activate the SACRAL Chakra; which is just below the navel and is your centre for emotional, sexual and creative energy. It is also our feminine centre.

We started our day activating the Sacral (or SACRED) Chakra and then flowed into a fabulous group creative project of expression. It was amazing observing everyone’s style and expression focus. After some old emotional wounds came to the surface, we diverted from the ‘loose’ schedule and did a little cleansing and purifying with a meditation. This flowed perfectly.

Our afternoon was creative, as we focused on our happiness and how we would LOVE our life to be. Then we shared intuitive guidance for each other, which provided immense confirmation for everyone!!

Today we had lots of fun, and it was also emotionally challenging at times. We moved through together in the LOVE and support of our spiritual community and the group.

Thank you to everyone who attended and opened their heart, allowing themselves to FEEL and CREATE today! Thank you also to everyone who is connecting with us from spirit, from your perspective and Sacred location, your input and connection is important, and we certainly feel it.

Tomorrow flows us into day 3 of the Soul Activation Series with our Special Spirit Guide Drawing Workshop! I look forward to sharing my skills with all attendees. There is no space left for this workshop, however if you would like to join us from spirit you can. We will be clearing, opening and activating the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra first, and then flowing into a deeper connection with our spiritual guides and teachers.

We still have some spaces left for day 4 (Tues 8th Nov) – Heart Chakra Activation… Day 5 (Wed 9th Nov) – Throat Chakra Activation… Day 6 (Thurs 10th Nov) – 3rd Eye Chakra Activation… Day 7 (Fri 11th Nov) – Crown Chakra activation!! Please learn more here:

Please don’t miss Caithe’s – Celticai Connections Reflect Radio show on Tuesday evening (LIVE from the Soul Activation Series) and my ‘Temple of Balance’ on Location on Thursday ( ) ALSO.... the LIVE webstream straight from 11:11:11 at 1pm from the Soul Activation Series -
It’s time for me to sleep and integrate these creative and emotional energies that have been flowing through today.

Infinite and Creative LOVE,


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  1. Wow .. felt the energy as I was reading that Lee-Anne. Woke this morning and could feel my sacral chakra going hey wire. lol Definitely felt connected .. glad you are all having a fabulous - productive time :) Looking forward to seeing the spirit guide drawings .. :D xx