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Friday, 4 November 2011

Blog #1 ~ From Soul Activation Series 11:11:11

Eve of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11!!


Here we are on the very eve of this amazing series. Not only a series that some people are joining with us in person, but you too (if you are wanting to) can also join with us from your Sacred Place on our planet. I am going to do my best to keep you updated of what’s happening and energy surrounding the day. Also, some pics and thoughts I have.

Friday 4th of November 2011

Yesterday my husband and I had a wonderful day. We drove about 3hrs North of our home to reach the Ferry that travels from our Heart Shaped Island of Tasmania and goes to Melbourne, Australia. We saw many HAWKS and beautiful clouds on the way. Before we reached the ferry we stopped at The Quiet Cone in Latrobe for an hour of gonging for meditation. We both had amazing experiences.

For me, I was greeted by this Pleiadian Seven – this group of Pleiadians who have been in and out for the past few days, they are working closely with us for this Activation Series. They told me that I am a Great Teacher and for me to acknowledge and welcome my role as Teacher more. This is not in the sense of being an all-knowing teacher on a stage. But a ‘modern’ teacher who is also the Student at the same time – learning, sharing, evolving and expanding in the moments. There was a lot I experienced during this gonging meditation. After anchoring the energy with a little drumming in nature, we made our way to the Ferry and crossed over Bass Strait and into Victoria.

When we drove our car onto the Ferry, we ended up on pretty much the lowest deck possible and had to reverse out! Thinking that was strange I shrugged it off. So off we go driving in Melbourne early on a Friday morning, only to have my GPS take us to the hotel via the city centre!! A few wrong turns and some pulling over to check what was happening, we arrived at our destination at Hotel Cavalier in Wantirna South, Melbourne (4.14 on the clock). Finally taking some deep breaths, my hubby and I were and still are glad to have stopped now. Shortly we will set up for the week long event.

My thoughts on the energy right now

As we prepare to start the Soul Activation Series off tomorrow, with the BASE Chakra focus, I am feeling the energy sort of heavy and stagnant. This is typical when there will be need to focus on LETTING GO ~ which will certainly be the case tomorrow. Once we release and surrender this HEAVY energy that has been building up, then we start to lighten our vibrations; especially as we journey to the Crown Chakra on 11:11:11.

So right now, I am feeling good, but this underlying heaviness will need to be looked at and cleared tomorrow. I become VERY sensitive to the group energy and KNOW this is something we will spend tomorrow morning focusing on, after we cleanse and ACTIVATE the Base Chakra.

It will be wonderful, as it always is, to meet people I have known online in person for the first time tomorrow, and this week.

I feel an excitement within me, and I am looking forward to being creative and setting up our Sacred Room very soon! There will be lots of colour and focus around the Base Chakra which are in the red / brown tones.

I will do my best to BLOG each day to share my thoughts and what I feel. And some pics too.
If you would LOVE to join us in person for any of these days (except day 3 – Spirit Guide Drawing), you can just come and pay at the door. You can learn more on our website here: - please note, that the landline phone numbers are not attended right now. The best way to contact me will be via my mobile phone – which you can find out about on that website.

Infinite and Expanding LOVE,

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  1. Great to hear guys .. looking forward to on going up-dates .. xx