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Thursday, 10 November 2011

I Am Intuitive! Third eye chakra Activation on Day 6 of the Soul Activation Series

I Am Intuitive! Third eye chakra Activation on Day 6 of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11!
In my HEART I KNOW you will be alright!
In my VISION I SEE that you are shining bright!
With my HEARING I hear you say the words,
With my FEELING I feel you embrace 'the merge!'

Everything is unfolding perfectly ~ Merge Dear One, Merge and Embrace ALL of who you are... Embrace Unity! 

Today is great opportunity to move past ALL resistances, and EMBRACE 'the merge' of 11:11:11 - the day when we merge Earth with Heaven!! 

There is nothing to fear, there is nothing to plan,
OPEN your heart and merge with the clan!!

Today was by far the biggest and most productive day!! Every day has been absolutely perfect, and today could not have been any more perfect either.

We embodied the energy of the 3rd eye chakra and the colour indigo, which has continued to be lots of fun this week. This 6th day was HUGE!!

We began by clearing, opening and activating our 3rd eye chakras – our centre for vision, intuition and trust. Today bought forward some challenges, as we were tested to the very limits and then burst forth from the containment which held us ‘confined’ for so long.
The group shared about the relationship and connections between the 3rd eye chakra and each of the other centres, and we got talking about intuition, our connection to our body, expressing from that intuitive space and how our 3rd eye chakra can become blocked.
After a break we did an interesting, yet confronting exercise in drawing our interpretation of our DNA in this moment… and then another of how we ENVISION our DNA to be. After sharing we activated our DNA and our highest potential with sound, our fingers, serpents and our intention. This stirred a lot for people, and the energy became very scattered and heavy. So we turned on some nice relaxing music and people meditated in their own space. And WOW… everyone had a switch in energy during this time, with many attendees being ‘knocked out’ and some saying it felt like they had an anesthetic and went ‘under.’ This time period of 22minutes was incredible, and when people ‘came to’ everyone felt different, like they had entered into a new world or dimension. It was like everything now made perfect sense.

As a group we needed the energy to reach that breaking point, so that this shift in frequency could occur more consciously. It was like we stepped into our highest potential and Paradise Earth!! The energy is incredible!! We CELEBRATED our HUGE day with some chanting and drumming! The energy was high and perfect!

We got so much done during this time period today! So many courageous people willing to explore their resistances, confrontations and to speak up when feeling uneasy!

I knew today would be fairly confronting as we faced ALL TRUST issues and any blocks that are loud connecting with the 3rd eye chakra.

AMAZING progress has been made today, as we are now ready, on the eve of 11:11:11 alignment to CELEBRATE and extend this LOVE, connection and WHOLENESS out around our amazing planet!! It is time to SHINE!!

In 20mins,  I have a Reflect Radio broadcast on location from the Soul Activation Series, at 6.30pm Sydney time (GMT+11) – Just follow this link to find your time zone or to listen live (or later to the archive)… Caithe will be joining me and maybe a few others ~
Don’t miss the LIVE AUDIO only, web stream of our 11:11:11 event – starting at 1pm Sydney time (GMT+11) on Fri 11th Nov 2011 ~ it’s free, follow this link -

Infinite GRATITUDE! 

And Have a MAGNFICENT 11:11:11 and BEYOND!!

In wholeness and truth,

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