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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I AM Truth! Throat Chakra Activation on Day 5 of the Soul Activation Series

I AM Truth! Throat Chakra Activation on Day 5 of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11!

Our Mother comes,
She hears the sound,
Of a thousand drums beating loud!
Ten thousand foot steps march together,
Flowing on, in to forever.
One million hearts, beat as One!
Come together, holding hands under the One Sun!!
It’s time to stand and embrace the Truth,
Open your heart, ignite your power,
Feel your LOVE, stand as tall as a tower!
Allow the LOVE to enter your Heart!
Come together now, yes every part!
You are here, you are ONE,
Thank you for joining with EVERYONE!

Another interesting day, as we embodied day 5 of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11 from Melbourne, Australia! I received two similar messages in my dreams last night of the importance to focus not only on the Throat Chakra, but to focus on DRAWING the energy up from the lower chakras and use the Throat Chakra as the focus of expression! Feeling the physical energy moving up from the base chakra; moving into the sacral chakra of creativity and feminine energy; drawing the energy from the solar plexus chakra of personal power and masculine energy; bringing those into the BALANCE of the Heart chakra… and EXPRESSING those energies in balance from the throat.  We had such great discussion today about the Throat Chakra and its relationship and connection with the other centres. Exploring blockages, truths and the energy of the Throat Chakra was very enlightening.

We began our day by clearing, opening and activating the Throat Chakra – our 5th chakra in these major seven! The throat chakra is the first of our three more spiritual centres and is our centre for expression, communication and truth! Our activation took place in a crystal castle today, which was perfect, we explored the very depths of our throat chakra. After that we embodied the energy of the Throat by doing what we felt was right through movement, being creative, listening or chanting!

Our afternoon started with a nourishing SOUND healing, using a variety of sounds to help stimulate and heal the Throat Chakra. 

With channels open, we passed on messages we received for ourselves, others, the group or our planet, and these were very insightful! Then we finished our day off with CELEBRATION through drumming, chanting and other sounds!

Our BLUE day was perfect! Highlighting some communication blocks, having us think outside the ‘box’ and OPEN to our true potential!

Another fabulous day!

Tomorrow we flow into the 3rd eye chakra ACTIVATION, which will be lots of high energy. Not only will we activate the 3rd eye chakra, but also activate the DNA, look into ancestral / family / bloodline connections, visit the Akashic records which will help us awaken / remember our mission / purpose! Tomorrow we EMBODY the 3rd eye chakra, so will be wearing / decorating with INDIGO (mix of blue / violet).

If you would like to join us in person, please find out more at  OR please join us from spirit / distance just through your intention.

Look out for tomorrow’s blog after this day!

Tomorrow I have a Reflect Radio broadcast on location from the Soul Activation Series, at 7pm Sydney time (GMT+11) – Just follow this link to find your time zone or to listen live (or later to the archive)… Caithe will be joining me and maybe a few others ~

Don’t miss the LIVE AUDIO only, web stream of our 11:11:11 event – starting at 1pm Sydney time (GMT+11) on Fri 11th Nov 2011 ~ it’s free, follow this link -

This is it; we have reached the point, the moment where there is no turning back! We have come so far now, and we are ALL in this together! We chose to be here, we are strong enough to get through this and we will come out the other side standing TALL in our beauty, LOVE, strength, power, balance, compassion, wisdom, truth and honour of WHO WE ARE! As each individual honours their SACREDNESS, we merge together as ONE Sacred Being LIVING Heaven on EARTH!! We are so close now; I can almost taste it… We have journeyed through these past thousands of years for THIS MOMENT!! NOW is the time to stand up, commit to your happiness, to EMBRACE YOU and to remove ALL conflict while FLOWING with your harmony, balance and compassion!!

I have faith and trust in YOU, that YOU can and are claiming your ROLE, taking a stance and are LIVING, fully LIVING your life the way YOU choose it to be!!

Thank you for holding hands with us all as we DIVE into the deep end and find out that we have to learn to swim again, but that we can and will swim in NEW ways and move to NEW shores!! We are DIVING into new territory, as many have done in the past, and we will do it again!

Thank YOU with ALL of my Heart!!

In wholeness and integrity,

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