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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Reflection of Day 1 - Shamanic Healing Day

Reflection of ~ Shamanic Healing Day ~ Day #1 of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11

Good evening!

We had an amazing day today to kick start the Soul Activation Series of 2011!! The energy started off high and energetic! As I was jumping up and down and my body wanted to move, my hubby reminded me that it may not be the best idea to jump up and down on the top floor of a hotel, as others may not want to wake to thumping early on a Saturday morn. After a few hours sleep, and being further inspired to add new discussions into our day, I was ready to let go and flow!

With a room full of red and many of us garnished in reds and browns, we were all set for a days focus on the base chakra. It was very evident from a few days ago, that this first day would have a specific focus around LETTING GO… and that it did. We spend the morning next to a piece of paper, where we wrote down things about ourselves or in our life that were just not working for us any longer. We did a drumming journey, requesting to have MORE old energy revealed to us that needed clearing. We all dived in deeply and found amazing courage to face the unknown and to simply LET GO!

After lunch we all held the space as people released their paper and the energies held within in a Sacred manner. Then we flowed into Feel Free by Pia and felt the miracle of FREEDOM flow into our hearts, mind and body. Intense gratitude filled our hearts too, as we welcomed ALL of who we ARE back HOME to us!! This was a VERY special time of EXPANDED SELF CONNECTION!

We sealed off our day with some gentle Om Mani Padme Hum singing and celebrated a WONDERFUL 1st day! With all attendees returning again at some point during the Activation Series this week!

Today we MOVED a LOT of old and stagnant energy, and in fact during the short amount of time we shared and experienced together – we shifted a great deal of OLD energy. We were ALL willing, ready and bought forward the courage we needed for our FREEDOM!

Throughout the day we could feel a collective ‘other’ joining with us, as those of you who are participating in this Soul Activation Series via distance are connecting with us too. I can feel your connection from your viewpoint of connection to this process of ACTIVATION. And for that I Thank YOU!

Infinite LOVE Expands from the CORE of my Being… There has been very LOUD energy today about relationships between ‘opposities’ or things that we may have assumed are separate! I woke up this morning after dreaming of the releationship between our day’s focus; the BASE Chakra and the other individual chakras. Then I just woke from a little nap and saw the relationships between the physical > emotional… emotional > mental… mental > spiritual. A few times I have gone to speak the word PHYSICAL today only to physically speak the word SPIRITUAL! Something incredible is happening… WE ARE MERGING HEAVEN ON EARTH… We are anchoring the spiritual energy into the physical. The evidence is here everywhere!! We have been visualizing and talking about this for years… however, I now feel and see that it is MANIFESTING!!

A Huge Thank you to everyone who came in person today and bought forward great courage to share, release and EMBRACE who you are! I Appreciate You!

As we transition, or rather – bring in, the energy from the SACRAL Chakra tomorrow, you may start to feel old emotions raise to the surface that want  to be cleared or acknowledged at least! For those of you joining us from spirit / distance (and ANYONE can just through intentions) we bring our FOCUS to the Sacral chakra; just below your navel and your centre for emotional, sexual and creative energies. We will be doing a lot of creative expression tomorrow, as well as some giving and receiving and speaking about the relationship our EMOTIONS have with who we are!!

If you are in the area (Wantirna South, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) tomorrow or anytime until Fri 11th Nov… you are welcome to join us in person. Just visit our website here: to find out more details and where to come to. 

We Cleanse, Open and ACTIVATE the Sacral Chakra! We acknowledge our role as the Master Creators of our Life!! 

Infinite and Expanding LOVE,


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  1. Great read :) Love that we can be involved through intention. xx