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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Words of Wisdom | Integration & Manifestation

Integration & Manifestation
15th November 2011

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It felt like these were important words to share with you today, as many of us are moving gently through this time period of INTEGRATION, as all of that deeply changed energy within us settles into place.

Thank you so much for connecting with my words to you today. I share openly from my heart and based on what I am feeling, so I trust something within these words may help you during this time period. If you are experiencing a challenging time, please absorb the healing and loving energy from these words into your heart, mind and body, helping ease your struggles. You are not doing this alone; you have incredible support all around you.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I was writing a daily BLOG during the Soul Activation Series 2011 last week. As we did so much very deep healing and activating during the 7 day lead up to the 11:11:11 alignment! This was a huge and very powerful week, I thank you all for participating in person or via distance. You can learn more about the energy of each day here: ~ since this time a LOT of energies are settling into place. Let me share more about this...

As we enter into a time period (event etc) of rapid shift and letting go, our energy vibrations are set at a certain way... then with lots of moving, releasing and changing of the energy right down to the depths of our cells and DNA, massive shifts occur – WE CHANGE!! This changing energy, or the NEW structure of the energy then takes a few days to SETTLE into place, or integrate!!

With the build up of energy to the 11:11:11 alignment and expanding beyond that time period, we have seen HUGE changes on very deep and subtle levels, which lead to this ‘transition’ period. The time where we are in between the old that we ‘where’ like before and the new that know within our being that we are moving INto... During this time of transition we are INTEGRATING the new energy into its perfect place within our cells. This time of integration can bring forth some physical symptoms as our body adjusts.

Some physical symptoms that are quite loud right now are:
            Body aches and pains
            Tiredness on the border of exhaustion
            An urge to clean areas of the home or workplace
            Feeling anti-social
            Extreme weather
            Sensitive to food and what you consume
            Trying to do ‘old’ things in ‘new’ ways
            Plus others...

During this time you are guided to GO GENTLY, to listen to your body, to sleep when you need to and trust what you feel within. It may not be a good time to make any big life-changing decisions, however trust what you feel.

Within the next few weeks the NEW energy we have been feeling and welcoming in, will be part of our everyday life, it’s just a matter of allowing it to settle, integrate or anchor into place.

I feel another massive turning point coming up on 29th Nov 2011 (11:11:11) and again on 12:12:11 ... Do your best to stay as aligned as possible with your truth, your body and this moment... and KNOW beyond any doubt that you are so supported!! It’s time to shine!!

New ideas are around everywhere at present too, do your best to hold onto them, make notes and take the necessary action!! Manifestation Magic is quite loud right now as we integrate the new energies, and truly recognise ourselves as Creators of our lives, the ultimate Manifestor!! Focus on what you would LOVE to manifest, and be unwavering in your approach and intention! Let’s co-create an amazing world, as we expand our focus from self manifestations and into humanity / world manifestations!!

I will share more information as it becomes available and when I feel the urge to share. Thank you, Lee-Anne

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