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Thursday, 3 November 2011

On the Dawn of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11

Dawn of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11!!


For me, this is the Dawn of our Soul Activation Series Journey! In less than 3hrs my hubby and I will be on our journey North!

As I have woken up this morning and have received incredible support from people who are unable to attend in person, I have this KNOWING that no matter where you are that you can join us for the Soul Activation Series from YOUR perspective!!

This WHOLE connection in this moment and building up to 11:11:11 is basically about UNITY, and it makes sense that there are individuals all around the world who will connect with this event in their own way!

I will do my best to share what is happening during this journey openly on facebook, maybe through my blog, via Ustream and Reflect Radio!

If you want to EMBODY the energy of each day; here is a guide to the days and what we will be focusing on during the Soul Activation Series:
Sat 5th Nov – Base Chakra
Sun 6th Nov – Sacral Chakra
Mon 7th Nov – Solar Plexus Chakra
Tues 8th Nov – Heart Chakra
Wed 9th Nov – Throat Chakra
Thurs 10th Nov – 3rd eye Chakra
Fri 11th Nov – Crown Chakra

You may feel a ‘pull’ to focus on these areas on those days – trust your inner guidance and intuition.

If you feel a calling to be with us in person, you can come on the day (not to day 3 though which is sold out). If you could sms me I would appreciate it, so I can be ready with chairs and room set-up. You can learn more about the days here:

My Personal Thoughts / Sharing:
We approach our journey now. This series has been in creation since Oct 2010 and it feels warming to me to know that we are now on the precipice of such amazing EXPANSION!
I have a couple of last minute things to check and get together and then it’s on the road; as my hubby and I journey from South-Eastern Tasmania to Northern Tasmania to board the ferry that travels overnight to Melbourne, Australia. On our way today we will stop at the Quiet Cone in Latrobe to soak up some beautiful GONGING for an hour. 

I feel excited about this pending journey and am OPEN to whatever this experience will bring! From my host perspective I am absolutely prepared and ready to share and co-create with those joining us in person. 

There are a group of Pleiadian Beings popping in and out for the past day or two, and they tell me that they will be with us all on this journey into ONENESS!! I feel I will have more information about them as I journey!

With that said, I have a few things to do, then it’s off from home and diving DEEPLY into this JOURNEY!!

If I don’t speak with you before… Have a WONDERFUL  11:11:11 CELEBRATION no matter where you are in this world!!

Infinite and Expanding LOVE,

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