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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Beating as ONE HEART!

Beating as ONE HEART! By Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne drumming on the mountaintop!
DRUMS are being called from far and wide,
To harmonise with the Mother - to hold us inside!
The Sacred Beat is happening now...
For anchoring Heaven to Earth with an aligning bow!
I HEAR the calling, she rumbles deep,
Inside my heart no time to keep.

If you have an urge to connect with your own Sacred Drum, please follow this call,
As we BEAT one HEART and Merge one and ALL!
~ Lee-Anne

There is an incredible energy present that I feel completely aligned with. My drum is calling to be played many times a day and she is speaking to me. I will do my best to explain what I am feeling in words, and to do that I will slip back into last week…

From the 6th of October my husband and I hosted a week long Chakra Activation event. It was incredibly powerful, healing and shifted something deep inside everyone who joined us. During the week we did several connections using the hoop drum (made by Mike at Kindred Drums, Tasmania)… 

Lee-Anne drumming to build energy on 10:10:2012!

I recall two very special connections - the first being on day 1 when we activated the Base Chakra and worked with the crystal grids within Gaia (Earth). While the six of us drummed we energetically dropped down into the Earth and was held there pulsating in the core of Gaia. It was an incredible connection – the drums were slow, deep and pulsating with life force! The second memorable drumming experience was on the last of seven days, when we activated the Crown Chakra and aligned with Sacred Geometry. To celebrate the energies of the day and the whole event we all drummed. The beat was strong, resonating and heart opening. It is difficult to find words to describe the experience.

In these past weeks I have been given my Heart Song, my Shaman Mentor gifted me with a Sacred Siberian Beater for my drum and my drum has started speaking clearly to me. I have also finished my fourth book (which is currently at the printers) and it is called ‘I Am Shaman!’ So many synchronicities…

So I have been ‘feeling’ the energy and what is happening here and I feel that the DRUM has a very special role it is playing during these current times on Earth. She is helping ‘draw’ the energy from heaven or spirit and anchor it into matter in the physical. The Sacred Beat is helping lock everything into place. Through the DRUM time is holding as everything, and I mean EVERYTHING lines up with right time – right place!

The time is HERE NOW to step into your role and become the guardian of Gaia and to LIVE as the MASTER of Manifestation – the Manifestation of Heaven on Earth!!

Every cell in our body vibrates to the frequency of the stars and the earth. Through tools like the DRUM we can anchor these frequencies together as ONE. This is UNION, this is WHOLENESS, this is TOGETHERNESS, this is TWIN FLAME LOVE.

Creating beautiful energies on 12:10:2012!!

To become the CREATOR of WHOLENESS is in your nature, it is in your coding! This coding is calling to be awakened and remembered.

Fill your body, mind, emotions and spirit with the BEAT of the DRUM which harmonises with the beating of your HEART!

Follow your calling – time holds while you become everything you are destined to be. Drop those shackles, release the hurt, surrender pain and blast away doubt… we are all calling you to help the UNIFIED CONSCIOUSNESS BE WHO WE ARE DESTINED TO BE – As ONE HEART in this ONE MOMENT – HERE NOW!

Awaho A-way – My Heart Song!

DRUMS BEATING AS ONE – Across time, space and duality! This is it…

Cover Illustration for Lee-Anne's fourth book - I AM SHAMAN!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne’s fourth book is part I of the Ascension Mastery Series and is called ‘I Am Shaman’ – this book is beyond your wildest dreams and will help you connect back with the core of who you are. Learn more about Lee-Anne at
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