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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Getting it together for the Soul Activation Series!

Getting it together for the Soul Activation Series!

I LOVE it how the 'ego' (that voice of your hurt and pain) tries to distract and resist us from that which is for our highest good. When I say 'I LOVE it' I truly do, because I a wiser than this aspect amd recognise that the more I feel distracted or resistant about something, the more powerful and life-changing that event or connection will likely be!

Yes, I do feel a tad resistant and this is a real feeling I have which I openly share with you. I have a feeling as we journey into this DAY 1 (BASE CHAKRA) of the Soul Activation Series that there will be much letting go, release and surrendering. This is a great thing, and can help prepare us to connect so much deeper to spirit and our life's path!

Today we will be connecting a lot with crystals both within the Earth/Gaia and on her surface. We will be held safe in a space of LOVE & Support as we let go and free ourselves. Together we (those people joining us in person) will be creating a Sacred Grid of physical and etheric crystals – which will remain there for the entire week.

What we create and build upon today will be the foundations for this week ahead.

To join us in spirit (suggestions only):
  • Spend some time contemplating your physical world / body and how you really feel about it.
  • If you discover / realise there are things that need changing – perhaps map out a plan.
  • Wear reds / earthy colours.
  • Spend time with nature / the Earth.
  • Work closely with crystas – even gather some together and make a pattern / grid with them.
  • Call in the energy of our physical group to help you.

It's time to rise from the ashes – to be it ALL!!
To pick your self up after the fall.
Shake those old parts off you!
Reconnect with what has felt like two!

BEAR joins us now – he stands tall and says he will lead you into the perfect direction. This direction is for your healing, your release and recognition of what is or isnt working in your life. BEAR holds you close and is your comfort today!

Healing Energy Cards to work with (I dont have the numbers / cards with me right now):
  • Stability
  • Support
  • ReBirth
  • Time Tunnels
  • Soul Chakras
  • Cycles of Change
  • The Journey
  • Illusion
  • Tree of Life

These are all suggestions, you may not want to work with all of them at once... I suggest selecting two or three from the list above to have close by for today.

I will blog again soon...
Thank you for joining with us in person or in spirit!
Let's change our lives for the good and make the most out of every moment!
Lee-Anne Peters

p.s.We have some door tickets available for today's in person event.
Please come before 10am.
Hotel Cavalier, Wantirna South, Melbourne, Victoria
Investment: $190
Finishes: About 4pm

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