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Friday, 19 October 2012

My journey to ULURU – day 2!

My journey to ULURU – day 2!

A sea of cloud!

Today was an incredibly long day. My hubby and I only had a couple of hours sleep ad left Tasmania very early we took three plane trips and ended up in Roxby Downs in Northern South Australia. The plane ride here was incredible. Our plane took the coast after leaving Adelaide and it was spectacular. There are so many sand patterns and reefs through there.

The patterns along the coastline of Southern Australia

I also was mind blown by this large lake for as far as the eye could see. It is easy to notice from the air that this whole 'outback' area once used to be the bottom of a sea.

The red dusty soil, the sweltering hot sun – yep, we are in a unique part of this amazing country!

Getting further North - Red dirt, little vegetation and a lake as far as the eye could see!

My personal journey today was one of caring for my husband who hasnt been well, and doing what I can to help him feel more comfortable. I LOVED seeing new sights today from the 'eagle's' perspective.

The heat is possibly going to be challenging, but air conditioning is a big help. I can feel that my body is probably not going to like heavy meals this weeks... so perhaps a physical detox of heat and loads of lime filled water!

I am also reminded this afternoon of the importance of Self Honouring. Not from a perspective of ego, but one of respect, self love and self value. So I will be focusing extra intention on this tomorrow as we take to the road and journey North. We leave early before it gets extremely hot, and our journey will be 800+kms – so big driving.

I will be on the lookout with my camera for some things that are often spotted in the great outback!! Such as these wild: Reptiles (especially lizards), Camels, Kangaroos (waiting to see a big RED Kangaroo), Wedge Tailed Eagle, Dingo and anything else that wants to cross our path!!

Until my next blog – KNOW THAT YOU ARE SACRED.... honour who you are and spend some time nourishing you!

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