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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Preparation for the Soul Activation Series!


Well, we are only a little over 2 days out from starting the Soul Activation Series - a week long event in Melbourne, Australia. It is full of Chakra Activating and then specific focuses for each day!

The energy is shifting and clearing as we prepare. To say it is easy is far from the truth, however I am personally just doing my best to flow with this. You see, when I host events I embody it and go through it like every attendee... this is the way I like to do it.

Gently does it beloved beings... allow old worn out situations / thoughts to be released. Expression any frustration / irritation in a safe and non destructive way.

There seems to be some resistance too from my ego (the voice of my hurt and pain)... the ego only knows hurt and pain and is trying to hold me in this through fear of the unknown. However I recognise that this happens when something huge and significant is around the corner.

So deep breaths... aligning with my heart and surrendering all fears, doubts and resistances from my mind.

We are being presented with opportunities to align further with our dreams and desires. Are you willing to make some unfamiliar changes to help you step further inside yourself?

Whether you are joining us LIVE at the event or in spirit - this journey is for all who wish to experience more.

Saturday 6th Oct - Embodying, healing, activating the BASE CHAKRA... colour: Red... Location: At the base of your spine... Keywords: To help you stay grounded and connected to your physical world / body / life.

I will be sharing daily blogs, with thoughts, pics and things that were presented throughout the day...

All my LOVE, as we journey into the darkness together...

Lee-Anne Peters

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