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Saturday, 20 October 2012

My Journey to ULURU – day 3!

My Journey to ULURU – day 3!

An incredible day!!

Up bright and early - ready to start the day!

I didnt sleep too well last night though. I woke up after a couple of hours sleep with all sorts of crazy and fearful scenarios running through my 'monkey' mind! It got to the point where I needed to get up – sort it out so I could actually get more sleep. Overtiredness wasnt helping! So I worked through my fears of survival as I prepared to journey into the unknown. After getting a few more hours sleep I woke buzzing with excitement!

The rising sun!

We left about 45mins before sunrise... and this was the most spectacular sunrise I remember witnessing. The photo doesnt do it justice – plus I took it in a moving vehicle. The sun rises here like the mOOn – in a perfect circle. A glowing red circle creeps up over the horizon and is just breathtaking! As it rose it continued to transform and I marvelled at the whole metamorphosis. 

The rising sun kissing the land!

After about 20minutes or so I watched the rays from the sun literally bathing down on the earth Not just a couple beams, but the WHOLE of Gaia – the entire 360* was being kissed by the sun. The beams even moved down diagonally, and when they reach the opposite of the sun itself, they straightened and joined with the other direction.

I sketched a little image of this from my perspective in a moving car!

A little sketch.

The long nine plus hours driving through the desolate desert had me see over half a dozen Wedge Tailed Eagles (most really close), emus and we passed two dragons (lizards) sun bathing on the road.

I find this whole journey so far so fascinating and new. The RED dusty sand is so earthy and one of my favourite colours. The life within the desert surprises me. Even shrubs and stumpy trees.

Coober Pedy was interesting. With some of the town living underground – my husband and I went into a little bookshop that was underground. To cute and nothing like how I imagined. The rock is so smooth and light in colour. With electricity and light fixtures – shaped ceilings and a fresh smell, I LOVE the cave / earth living that I witnessed.

I LOVE this beautiful white trunk of this gum tree!

The temperature got pretty hot by lunch time, but it remained overcast so didnt seem as shockingly hot to me as yesterday.

So it's off to bed for me shortly as we have another big morning of driving and then we will arrive at ULURU around midday! Then I will be soaking up all that I can from there... if I have spare time I will blog tomorrow, if not, I will do a double in two days when we are on our way back.

What did I learn today? I saw new sights and learned new things. I learned to be more at peace with who I am and to trust in this journey into the great unknown.

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  1. How absolutely wonderful much love <3

  2. The sunset awesome looking into the photo I got tingling sensation down my arms and an overwhelming feeling in my stomach,I was drawn to the circle of light and felt like it was a warm person.I dont understand why I felt this and had to right it down ,xxx