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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Day 2 – Soul Activation Series

The Sacred Goddess – Sacral Chakra Activation!

The beautiful energy co-created on day 1 certainly flowed through into day 2. With a crystal grid created on day 1, which will remain for the entire week – this will ensure some beautiful grounding and earthy energy present.

This morning the energy certainly shifted into the more feminine and slightly lighter vibration to the base chakra day. We healed, opened, activated and embodied the Sacral Chakra which was incredibly powerful.

Our Goddess self merged with our physical body and we enjoyed some creating.

After chatting more about the Sacral Chakra (just below the navel – the centre for creative, sexual and emotional energy), balance and the connections between the physical and the emotional, we did a beautiful meditation to the mOOn using the singing bowl and bell. This left us beautifully peaceful.

We enjoyed a freeing song and spent the afternoon creating a vision board, which displayed important things to us, along with our dreams and desires.

Day 2 of Soul Activation Series

I personally really enjoyed today. I feel much closer to my Goddess energy and feel her within me. I also feel a little more at peace being me in my entirety. I can feel the subtle 'overlapping' of the Goddess and God / Warrior energy – which is our focus for tomorrow. I am doing my best to keep balanced, focused, yet open to the flow.

My skin has been feeling too tight and small for my body these past hours, which is interesting. I have also moved into a space of tiredness as the energies from these past couple of days anchor into my body.

I am looking forward to embodying the WARRIOR energy tomorrow. That drive, focus, determination, powerfulness that the Warrior displays. The Warrior never abuses his power, but stands in his truth and has inner as well as outer strength. I intend to put my Warrior face on tomorrow and get the most out of this incredible energy of the Solar Plexus.

Please feel free to join us in person or in spirit tomorrow (if in person see door ticket info below):
Awaken the Warrior – Activate your Solar Plexus
Monday 7th October 2012
Colour: Yellow
Location: Solar Plexus Chakra – just above your navel
Keyphrases: Centre for courage, strength and personal power.

In person:
Hotel Cavalier, Wantirna South, Victoria
Doors open 9.45am (10am start)
Investment: $170 at door (cash only)

Much Goddess LOVE,

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