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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Soul Activation Series - Day 1

An amazing first day of the Soul Activation Series!!

Today a group of us gathered together in person in Melbourne for the start of a seven day event series. This event has a underlying intention of activating the seven major chakras.

We had a wonderful healing, opening and activating of the BASE CHAKRA today! Saint Germain helped us as we welcomed beautiful energy into our body.

After that we chatted about the BASE CHAKRA and then did a group drumming in harmony with the Earth. We were held within the Iron Core Crystal of the Earth as we radiated waves and waves of LOVE and awakening of crystals within and on the surface of Gaia.

Some individual releasing and letting go, lead into chatting about crystals and how they store / give energy.

Creating their own Sacred Crystal Grids using carnealian, atlantistite, clear quartz and apophyllite was one of the highlights of the day! Everyone made their own grid which will be held in place / centre space for the entire week!

Our day was awesome! From my perspective as fascilitator - the energy of the group has been incredible. The collective energy high, and I am very grateful for everyone's contribution, and for those joining us in spirit!

Soul Activation Series - Day 1
Sacred Crystal Grids!

Solid foundations have been made and will be held for the week. I look forward to seeing how this week unfolds and evolves! I know we are making a difference for our individuals lives, but also the greater good of humanity!

Please join us in person tomorrow (door tickets available - details below) or in spirit!

Starts: 10am - be here by 9.45am
Where: Hotel Cavalier, Wantirna South, Victoria
Investment: $190

Please do what you need to do to embody and align with the CHAKRA of the day.

Feminine / creative / emotions

Remember to LOVE, honour and feel you body - the TEMPLE that houses your spirit!

In LOVE & Honour of our body,

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