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Friday, 18 November 2011

11:11:11 – A Week On!! What’s Changed?

11:11:11 – A Week On!! What’s Changed?

It’s quite funny; ALL week I have been oblivious to what day it is and how long ago was 11:11:11! I bumped into a Goddess at the supermarket and in the moment I said ‘a few weeks ago, or last week, whenever it was!’ I had no conscious clue; and it’s been like that for me all week! Then this morning I wake up from my slumber and one of the first things that jumps into my conscious mind is that it’s been a week since 11:11:11! When I was taking a shower, I was inspired to write this blog and share my thoughts in reflection of this past week!

So as you can see, and maybe you have been feeling a similar way – time continues to stretch further and further as the old veils and limitations break down. So much has occurred on such deep and subliminal levels in this past week – and then the whole week before, that it seems like months have passed. This may be a little ‘scary’ to some, however to me; I approach it from the angle of OPPORTUNITY! And that every day, more than ever before we are given even more opportunity to heal rapidly! To manifest rapidly!

As I personally reflect back on this week, my eyes remain wide open. This time last week I was waking up on the morning of 11:11:11, in fact at this time it was a full moon and CELEBRATION was in the air! As you can read in previous blogs we had an amazing day of celebration and manifestation!! The following day I had a morning swim and my husband and I packed our car and drove to the ferry, where we would be staying overnight while travelling southward to our home island of Tasmania! I had intense sinus and allergies during this time, which eased a little when we reached our heart-shaped island!

After a 4 hour drive through the country we arrived home! After being away for 10days my plants had grown, especially my tomato and sage plants. It was great to be back! The next couple of days I was flat and unmotivated, I had the urge to eat some full meals of meat and fresh vegetables and extra sleep.. it wasn’t until a confrontational situation on Wednesday morning that things started to turn around! 

I knew instinctively during those few days since 11:11:11 and the whole life-changing Soul Activation Series that myself and many others in the world have been integrating the energy that we welcomed in during that earlier week! As the old moves out from our cells – through healing and intention – it can take a few days to anchor the new energy into place! I have worked intensely with energy and healing myself and others for the past 11 or 12  years and I have seen that in the past 6 – 12months that almost INSTANT healing are occurring because of the increase in time!! So for us to have a period of 3 -5 days of energy integration / anchoring was HUGE!! And it has been a global anchoring!! 

Through this confrontation on Wednesday I was shaken to my core, however this wasn’t the first time I had to deal with this pretty much only unpleasant situation in my life. Due to insensitivity on behalf of others, old wounds were opened up! There were many responses or reactions I could have pursued on this day! However, as I felt the discomfort I backed off and worked out my own way. 

I felt very strongly in these past days that we are being faced with OLD things (they don’t have to be that old) and given the opportunity to deal with them in NEW ways!!  When we have such massive internal energetic changes that filter down into our physical body and world, we must also CHANGE our mental, verbal and emotional approach to these ‘old’ things, otherwise they have a chance of pinging back into old patterns or habits! I was very conscious of this and was consciously expanding my perceptions to see more of the bigger picture, while also seeing it from new angles… 

This occurrence, like those that have been similar in the past has been a huge catalyst for propulsion forward! When we are faced with challenges and when we use that challenge to drop some old things that we have been doing in our life, and welcome NEW and more exciting things IN, then it hasn’t been a ‘bad’ thing at all… in fact this whole confrontation and unpleasant situation transformed into a massive opportunity for GROWTH!!

So since Wednesday evening I have my zest back! I have implemented some changes, made some business decisions and am starting to bring forth new plans to enhance my life and my work! And it feels fabulous!

Now I am back in full alignment and swing with my truth and my purpose, I have unlimited energy! For me, I journey forth from moment to moment embracing most ideas, taking continued action and stepping further into MYSELF!!

A MASSIVE week of change, manifestation, anchoring, transformation, trusting and expansion!!

Look out for some NEW Temple of Balance projects, events and broadcasting in new ways starting in Feb 2012!! 2012 ~ Is My Year To Shine!!! And yours too if you welcome it!! It's also important to note here that YES I have changes to implement as I start flowing into my service in 2012, however I have already implemented many changes - mainly a change in perception from NOW!!

Infinite and Expansive LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters
Soul Activation Series 2012 -  


  1. Thankyou Lee-Anne - as always you confirm what is also happening in my life is valid and part of my spiritual journey. I constantly pick up on your energy and your passion drives me forward. So thankyou x x You are an amazing motivator and I appreciate all you do. Namaste x x x x

  2. Dear Lee-Anne,

    As always, thank you for sharing. Overall, I have been experiencing the 11.11.11 energy grounding and time warps similar to you, particular to my circumstances. High energy on the 11th, a depressed teary weekend, instant manifestation of the most random thoughts, and a return to energy today. People around me have been mentioning being mixed up in their dates, the group energy seems more pronounced, and I am more sensitive to it and more removed from it, all at once.

    The shift has occurred and I am grateful for your words and guidance to help us to understand how the energies are manifesting.

    Much Love and gratitude to you always!

    Colleen Patterson xx

  3. Thankyou Lee-Anne <3 My big confrontation was on Tuesday..the way energy works is so curious...seems like a big jumble but all comes together in the end :) Namaste goddess <3