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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I EMBODY LOVE ~ Heart Chakra Activation at Day 4 of the Soul Activation Series

I EMBODY LOVE ~ Heart Chakra Activation at Day 4 of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11!

In this moment ~ I feel LOVE!
In this moment ~ I EXPAND!
In this moment ~ I hear the CALL!
In this moment ~ I see us ALL!!

I SING my SONG with YOU in Harmony!

Today at the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11 in Melbourne we are on the dawn of day 4 ~ Where we clear, open and activate the Heart Chakra. I am feeling the BALANCE of LOVE very strongly…

THANK **YOU** from the very depths of my BEing…

Such a beautiful day today that really BALANCED the week out beautifully. The energy has been calm and soothing today! For those of us attending the whole week of activations, it was a beautiful and gentle ‘pause’ in the centre of the week; where we did a lot of nourishment, nurturing and sharing.

We began our day by sharing our thoughts about the HEART Chakra – our centre for LOVE of self, others and all creation. Some people described the heart chakra with words like justice, growth, ‘my mum’s hugs’ and the Goddess / feminine aspect of the Heart. Some of us embodied the Heart Chakra in pinks and others in greens, and the BALANCE was PERFECT!
Flowing into the HEART Chakra cleansing, opening and activating was very interesting and VERY Heart OPENING!! We worked a lot with the LOTUS energy during this activation and all chose to EMBODY this energy in our own way; some meditating, some creating, some moving their body.

It was evident at this stage that some GIVING & RECEIVING was important for us all, so we took in turns receiving as the others in the group gave and shared with us. I found both aspects of Giving & Receiving VERY nourishing. For me personally there has been a lot of SUPPORT today which continues to OPEN my heart!

We shared about the relationship between the HEART chakra and the other chakras, which made for some very interesting discussion as we shared our ideas and viewpoints. The cards we selected as a group again gave all of us confirmation as we journey through this Activation KNOWING that we are here to experience this for growth and healing.

The energy I feel from my EXPANDED viewpoint

As you may know the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11 here in Melbourne has been in planning / preparation status since October 2010 and we have been VERY excited about its pending arrival. I am very sensitive to energy and have felt a special alignment with 11:11:11 for many years. I have hosted many ‘power day’ mass healing events on dates such as; 8:8:8, 9:9:9, 10:10:10… so as you may imagine I feel extremely amazing energy as we are now only a breath away from 11:11:11!!

What we will FEEL on 11:11:11?
Everyone will experience something different... some ARE Embodying the energy already... some will be waiting and waiting and may not feel anything much... some people are in fear of this day and others feel such an exhilaration of LOVE it is incredible! So the point is that, people will feel what they ALLOW themselves to feel... There is great opportunity in this ALIGNMENT for those who want to be IN the opportunity... for those who dont, it will be just like any other day.

As this Soul Activation Series has been a series of CHAKRA Activations leading up to the Crown on 11:11:11, I feel this very powerful underlying energy rising VERY quickly. I feel extremely PRESENT, Whole and Nourished by ALL of this. It’s like I KNOW everything is EXPANDING perfectly! I see that many people are being faced with big lessons and are going through intense healing times. I see people who are NOT in alignment with their TRUTH really struggling, and this I have been sharing about all year, and especially in my 2nd book – Aligning with the Speed of Light (released in Aug 2011)… It is sooo important to stay up to SPEED by being as ALIGNED as possible. If you are struggling with alignment, please consider reading this book ( )…

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, we really ARE Manifesting our new world and in this NEW way that we all envisage!! NOW more than ever before…. PLEASE CHOOSE LOVE… release all fear and doubt!! It’s time to become WHOLE again and to FLOW into your FREEDOM!! I KNOW you can do this!! Why? Because YOU are HERE!!

If you are in the Melbourne area, please join us tomorrow for Day 5 of the Soul Activation Series – Throat Chakra Activation ~ Harmonic Sounds! Learn more at:

If you can’t join us in person, please hold the intention to connect with us via distance / in spirit. Whether it is 5mins or your whole day embodying this energy, we FEEL your presence.
At 6.30pm Sydney time (in 40mins from now) – Tues 8th Nov – Caithe from Celticai Studio will be hosting her Reflect Radio show from the Soul Activation Series and I will be joining her… Just follow this link from FREE listening -
I will be hosting my Reflect Radio show with Caithe at 7pm Sydney time – Thurs 10th Nov –

Join me on Friday 11th Nov at 1pm Sydney time (GMT+11) for a LIVE audio feed straight from our CROWN Chakra Activation!!
Tomorrow we flow into the THROAT CHAKRA… where we will be EMBODYING our truth and who we are! Working with SOUND and SILENCE, while tuning into the guidance from our Teachers, Masters and others… 

I Stand tall in my LOVE and TRUTH!! I LOVE to BE ME!!

Thank you for reading,

Infinite and EXPANSIVE LOVE,


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