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Monday, 7 November 2011

Manifesting our Spirit Guides on Day #3 of the Soul Activation Series

Stepping into our POWER ~ Manifesting our Spirit Guides on Day #3 of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11

Here we are at the end of Day 3 of the Soul Activation Series hosted in Melbourne, Australia. We have had lots of fun today and before anyone arrived early this morning, the conference room was FULL of spirit guides and beings waiting for us to get started. This isn’t an ‘uncommon’ occurrence on days like this.

We began with the clearing, opening and activating of our Solar Plexus Chakra – Our Power Centre! It was a VERY powerful cleansing, followed by intense ACTIVATION, as we all acknowledged and stepping IN-TO our Personal Power and WHO WE ARE!!

With much eagerness, we began tuning into and drawing our spirit guides. Some were very entertaining, others specific and others excited to have this opportunity to take some sort of ‘form.’ 

We started with our blank ‘canvas’ and…

… these began to take form…

… and manifested into amazing creations!! Everyone did soooo well igniting their courage to try something new! From my role as a teacher sharing her skills, it was very heartwarming to see these amazing guides taking form.

The energy of today was very masculine, but also interwoven with the balance of the Goddess. There was that DRIVE, that motivation to step into the unknown… and also tapping into that creative flare and the working with colour in this way. A perfect day to manifest our spiritual teachers!

Now we have completed the more ‘physical’ of the seven days. With the lower three; physical, emotional and mental chakras cleared and activated!! The energy will start to lighten from here as we delve forward into the higher vibrating chakras. These three physical chakras have been important foundations, while also presenting amazing opportunities to let go and step into our power!!

Tomorrow we bring our focus to the HEART chakra – possibly the most significant in the seven, as it represents the BRIDGE or CENTRE between the lower three more physical centres and the upper three more spiritual centres. As we ACTIVATE the HEART Chakra, we will also be focusing our day our LOVE, Self LOVE, Acceptance while Giving and Receiving from others. Tomorrow will be all about BALANCE!! As we EMBODY the energy of the Heart Chakra – our centre for LOVE of SELF, others and ALL creation!!

Would you LOVE to join us tomorrow? If you are in Melbourne you can in person and you can learn more here:
If you can’t join us in person, please connect in with us briefly or for some time, from distance / spirit.

Don’t miss Caithe’s Reflect Radio broadcast live from the Soul Activation Series ~

Infinite and Expansive LOVE,

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  1. Wow .. the drawings look amazing .. I was surprised you started with black paper .. 'and out of the darkness came ..':D lol I hope tomorrow is just as wonderful. xx