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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Clearing the channels between your heart & throat!

Clearing the channels between your heart & throat!
By Lee-Anne Peters

I, like many people have been guilty of speaking words from my lower mind. You know those words I mean – the ones that are based on either nothing, judgement or fear? These are the ones that seem to spark from this strange place within that needs to justify or defend with words or actions, or sometimes even make a mountain out of a molehill. Then after the fact we may wish that we never said that!

Are you words spoken out of fear or love?
Usually these sorts of words are spoken straight from the lower mind - representing our fears, beliefs, judgements and negative thoughts. It is thoughts based on this lower and more hurting vibration that can wreak all sorts of havoc for ourselves and people in the way of us. I am sure you, like me have been on both ends of this stick! So what can we do? We obviously can’t change what has happened in the past and we most definitely cannot change others so all we can do is LEARN from our past experiences. 

When we listen to those reactions we have, they can be clues to help us know WHERE we hold insecurities, fears and blocks that are holding us back. 

As we clear out the clutter in our mind, we become much more mindful of what we are thinking, saying and doing every day, and it’s this that opens us up to an amazing perspective - Clearing those channels between your heart and throat!! 

Being a clear and concise expression of truth!
If we can consciously choose to switch from approaching others and situations from a mind-based reality and into a more heart-based reality, this can change everything! We begin to express more from our heart, our truth and how we feel. We don’t have that NEED to defend our actions, to boast about our activities and how great we are! When the channels are cleared and opened between our heart and throat WE are then a clear and concise expression of TRUTH and who we are!

Continue to explore the lessons and use what you learn to help you be the BEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE! Don’t be too tough on yourself if you slip up, the important thing is that you recognise what’s happening and you learn from that experience. 

Follow the compass of your own heart – remembering that compass is not found anywhere else on your body except your heart!

Do you struggle to live from your heart-based reality? Are you aware of your thoughts and what is happening in your mind? What has helped you in these areas in the past that you feel other readers may benefit? Please comment and share.

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