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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Expanding our connection with our *STAR* home

Expanding our connection with our *STAR* home
By Lee-Anne Peters

Expand your connection with your HOME
The *STARS* remain a hot topic, with many questions and emotions surfacing for readers from my recent blog - The *STARS* are my home! So I felt like I would expand on this and especially focus on how to Expand our Connection with our *STAR* home.

You may know which *STAR* home you belong to, or you may not, either way it’s okay, you will find out if and when you need to. These are some characteristics I see for myself and others from the *STARS* who are incarnated on the Earth at this time:

* Feeling alien, the black sheep or like their are in a foreign land

* May not feel understood by blood family

* Have a fascination about the *STARS* and galaxies

* Have dreams / visions of different shaped homes, beings of light, other lands

* Blood family may not feel right – the *STAR* family feels right (people not necessarily of blood)

These are just some guides and are certainly not limited or following any rules. Always trust what you feel within. 

To Expand your Connection to your *STAR* home remember firstly to acknowledge, honour and appreciate what you are experiencing now! This Earth mission can feel so foreign and so ‘not right’ that many people with strong *STAR* connections feel like they just don’t belong here. As much as I empathise with your feeling, I KNOW strongly that if we weren’t meant to be HERE on this Earth at THIS time, then we wouldn’t. So with that in mind, it is appropriate to say that you are here for a reason. The more at peace you can be with your time here the better for you. 

Aryon - Star Being
From my 'Temple of Balance Oracle Cards'
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You can communicate with your brothers and sisters from the *STARS*. I have also felt that another ‘part’ or ‘aspect’ of me resides in my *STAR* home – however, I haven’t quite grasped more information yet. We have amazing support from our brothers and sisters from the *STARS*. I am not only speaking of people incarnating, but spiritual teachers, those *STAR* beings who reside in those higher vibrations! By speaking with them, welcoming them into your daily activities, your meditations, your connections, will help increase your remembering. *STAR* beings help us REMEMBER who we are!

Be cautious not to allow yourself to limit communication and connection through language. Sometimes we forget that others don’t speak our language. So your *STAR* brothers and sisters may communicate with you in a different way - perhaps through feeling, high pitched buzzing in your ear, sound, colour and sometime movement. Do your best not to limit your connections in any way, but be open to receiving guidance, acknowledgement and remembering in any form.


Breathe consciously and relax... As you breathe IN imagine expanding your aura (like you are blowing up a balloon) – when you breathe OUT draw your breath and energy down, deep down into your body. Continue to EXPAND when you breathe IN and DEEPEN when you breathe OUT. 

The deeper you go into your body and into the moment, the further you can expand on those higher vibrations. Continue to EXPAND further and further – do your best to blast through any barriers or limitations, and continue bringing that energy down into your body, maybe even further into the Earth. As you EXPAND – imagine expanding beyond our planet and out to your home in the *STARS*. Maybe ask your *STAR* beings in spirit for assistance, guidance and memories.

When you are ready to come back... start to become aware of your surroundings, wiggle your fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes. Move your body if you need to - if you feel a little spacey. Have a nice glass of water or some crackers if you need to. It's always a great idea to write down your experience in your journal too.

Feel your Oneness with your *STAR* home and feel your Oneness with *NOW*. You are so appreciated for your efforts, your commitment and simply BE-ing HERE! I understand it can be difficult, however I KNOW with my WHOLE ESSENCE that you can continue to focus, expand and LOVE as deeply as possible before YOU are called to return home. All my LOVE Si*STARS* and Brothers from the *STARS*

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne’s second book, Aligning with the Speed of Light is a wonderful guide to Ascension and a must-read for anyone wanting to get into absolute alignment! Visit for more information, or ask your nearest good book shop in Australia for your copy.


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  3. thank you leeanne :) im finding this a highly interesting subject and appreciate your sharing..