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Friday, 27 April 2012

The *STARS* are my home!

The *STARS* are my home!
By Lee-Anne Peters

I have been having many requests from readers lately wanting me to share more about my connection to the stars and my star home in Pleiades - my heart is so connected to this constellation in my sun sign of Taurus.
My star home - Pleiades
My conscious memory of this connection to my star home began as a deep remembering around the turn of the millennium when through several things these memories were triggered. At the time I spent a lot of hours under a telescope gazing at the starry sky. However, there was always one constellation that fascinated me – yes, Pleiades. 

Around the same time period in my life, I stumbled upon two amazing books by Solara – ‘The legend of Altazar’ and ‘The star-borne.’ Both incredible and both changed my life! As I peeled back my separation issues and the illusions I had been living under for my whole life (I was about 24 at the time) I began to remember who I was and where my true home was. Combined with the remembering of my home in the stars, I also remembered that I had another part of me out in the world, however my Twin Flame and I didn’t find each other physically for another 8 years!

My memories of my home in Pleiades are so closely tied into my connection with my Twin Flame, because this is OUR home. Around 11,000 years ago we decided to come to Earth and fulfill a mission here. A mission that was long, tiring but incredibly rewarding – a mission to help this beautiful planet ascend into higher frequencies. We both knew this mission would be a challenge, and although our earlier lives in Atlantis and ancient civilisations was beautiful, we, like many others fell into the illusion of duality and forgot who we were and our mission. As sad as it sounds, from my new perspective now – in the final lifetime of our mission, I see that a huge part of our purpose was to stumble through the duality and find each other again - thus EXPANDING our ONE SPIRIT. This lifetime has been one of the most amazing for me on Earth, I am blessed every moment for the reconnection with my Twin Flame and the amazing souls I am blessed to be connected with physically and telepathically right now. 

I have this deep and unquestionable KNOWING of my home in the stars. In many meditations and dreams I have seen it. Our home is one that is dome shaped and the walls seem to be made of crystal. The sense of community and connection between us all in my star home is incredible. I see that the energy is so light and quite translucent - buzzing at quite a high vibration. Not many words need to be spoken, as telepathy is strong and other light beings like us, sense how another being is feeling. We are BEINGS OF LIGHT!

Sometimes it is sad to see how the Earth is now, and no matter what the outcome is for her during the ‘end of duality’ I know I have done my best to fulfill my mission and strive for more. I decided many years ago to not just tick off my mission requirements, but to add more to the list. 

I am passionate about making this lifetime count and I plan to not waste one single moment as our mission here comes to an end.

It has been a long mission and I know that many reading this will know exactly what I am speaking of. No matter the length, no matter the cost or the slip into unconsciousness... THIS MISSION has been so worth every moment and I am extremely blessed and grateful for everything!  

I LOVE you my fellow Light Bearers – Please KNOW you are not doing your work alone and that as we continue to release and surrender the separation that we don't need any longer, then we will be living HERE in Oneness and Happiness on Earth! All my LOVE.

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne shares with you more about ascension and ways to help you remain as aligned as possible in her second book – Aligning with the Speed of Light – available in all good book shops across Australia or online here:
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  1. Lee-Anne, your story is so very much as my own experience has been, on every level. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings!

  2. Lee-Anne,

    I'm about as confused as a lightworker can be. Multitudes of questions floating around in my mind and not any answers; any good ones, at least.

    In April 2011 I was awakened. I started meditating and my psychic abilities jumped into high gear. I was shown many past lives, visited the Akashic records, remote viewed, astral traveled, consciously dreamed, was visited by a space probe and was taken on board a ship once, maybe more. And that's just some of it.

    It took a few months to start wearing these spiritual clothes again and it all happened so fast that I've been dizzy and punch drunk.

    To help myself, I asked who I was. I was told I'm a Pleiadian starseed and have a woman waiting for me. A Pleiadian woman, I guess. I've seen her face many times in meditation.

    Anyway, after I read your latest post, I thought I might ask you a question, as the Pleiades seems to be our mutual home.

    Lee-Anne, what the heck am I doing here? I'm in a deep fog over this.

    Many Pleiadians are here, right? Well, do we all have the same job or are there different tasks for each of us? If I have a specific mission to perform, will this ever become clear to me? Do I even need to have a specific mission?

    Anything you can share would be helpful.

    And I'm tired. In meditation, I saw myself standing in a beautiful field on a golden day in Lemuria as a thermonuclear warhead exploded and vaporized everything I saw.

    That was not a good day.


    1. Namaste GB!
      Thank you for sharing. I feel that you are REMEMBERING and you will remember a lot in the next few years.
      Based on my experience, I see that many people look to an 'end result' or 'something big' for their life's mission... I feel that our mission is more living the most out of moment to moment, and as we journey down our life's path, continue to let go and embrace who we are - then we ARE living our MISSION.
      For me, I have little specific idea of what my MISSION LIST is, I do intuitively know of a couple of things that have been 'ticked off' however, the majority of it I dont know of.
      I do feel there are many Pleiadians here now.
      My suggestion for you is to step back out of your mind, and step into your heart and allow the compass of your heart to guide you in this lifetime.
      All my LOVE <3

  3. thankyou leeanne..i really really really enjoyed that <3 im going to go ponder now <3
    lv isabelle

  4. Julie Littlejohns27 April 2012 at 23:40

    I just wiped tears of joy away, thankyou for sharing this with us Lee-Anne
    Love and hugssss

  5. just read bella beautiful much and hugs
    always <3